Extended Warranties - BMW 2018 M5 CPO

Hey all, looking for guidance. Just picked up a 2018 M5 with 20k miles on it. It was a CPO and therefore has 1 year on factory warranty and 1 year on CPO extended. Tires are new (4320)

They’re offering:

Veritas Global Protection - 60Mo or 60k, $100 Deductible for $6k

BMW Ultimate Care Plus - 84 Months or 125k for $6k

BMW Tire and Wheel - 60 Months for $4.5k

Dent Protection - 60 Months for $700

Appearance Protection 60 Months for $1k

Anyone have experience with these and the value props? I have some of the details for each but they’re really mostly marketing material.

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Definitely skip the Dent Protection and Appearance protection. It sounds like BMW Ultimate Care Plus is a better value mileage-wise, but there might be other dealers who can sell you that warranty for cheaper.


Thanks, yeah I’m thinking similarly but here’s the bullets they have:

BMW Ultimate Care Plus - 84 Months or 125k for $6k:
-Uses only genuine manufacturer parts
-Covers all factory required maint.
-Includes certain Wear & Tear Items
-Performed by factory-authorized technicians

Is BMW Ultimate Care Plus a known quantity?

Look into other third parties as well - Fidelity is well known and a better value in many cases.

Also, very easily cancellable for a pro rata refund. Depending on your state UC + may not be cancellable. This is relevant if you ever sell before the end of the term to someone other than an individual (and thus can’t transfer it).


Third party warranties often find silly reasons to disclaim. Then you need to litigate. Dealers often make more money on them as well so they push it. Pay extra for OEM warranties.

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You’d find a ton more info on this topic on a BMW forum. A leasing forum is not going to have much information on extended warranties since no one needs them on a lease.


The bigger question is whether any of these packages cover the costly repairs that will be required on this car. You need to find out what exactly these things cover, read the fine print


Good point, thanks I’ve been lurking here for a long time and know there’s a lot of knowledge. Thanks for the pointer!

Really depends on your driving habits here, live in the city or near rough roads? Take the wheel/tire package.

Skip the dent package and skip the appearance protection.

Bmw factory extended warranty is the way to go, although it is extremely pricey.

Plan to tune the car? Put downpipes on? Skip the warranty it’s worthless.

In short I would add more detail but also bimmerfest and bimmerpost are going to be more helpful, you can talk to f90 m5 owners about issues they have had, etc etc.

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Who underwrites BMW warranties? Is it Fidelity? If so, I would go with their coverage.

Always use the manufacturer underwriter if possible. Third party providers are almost always useless for actual coverage.

I second Max’s suggestion to go to a bmw forum.

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Where does it say it covers issues that would otherwise be covered by a standard warranty ? For example, transmission failure ? Bmw ultimate care plus sounds more like pre-paid maintenance to me though I don’t know much about it.

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