EOM '18 BMW Fartathon - $0 DAS, Max MSD: X2 - $158/mo; 330i - $206/mo

Spent the last few days or so helping friends & family get their BMWs at various dealers. Since there were 7 total cars, I’ll only list the best deals of each model that we were able to get. These deals of course used the base MF 0.00165. All went with 24 months and not all chose 10k, but for level-playing field and ease of moving info off my spreadsheet, below are the 10k numbers. Every car was an ex-loaner. We did go full MSD on each one with true $0 drive-off. Some dealers did not agree to waive the acq fee.

The most surprising feat of this is that there was X2 support on the 18s through last month. I found this out on June 1 and got 4 X2s off lots by June 2.

  • Note: there was still 18 lease support making these type of deals on 18s possible, so I am not sure if incentives will be offered again.
  • Note2: The dealers I dealt with are fully cleared of all loaner inventory now.

Best X2 deal:

**MSRP: ~$39k
**Selling Price: ~$33k (19% off MSRP)
**Monthly Payment: $158+tax
**Incentives: $4250 Lease Incentive, $1k Loyalty, $1k College Grad
LH Score: 19.6 years

Best 330i deal:

**MSRP: ~$47k
**Selling Price: ~$36k (22.5% off MSRP)
**Monthly Payment: $206+tax
**Incentives: $4000 Lease Incentive, $1k College Grad
LH Score: 18.8 years

Honorary Midwest 320i Deal:

**MSRP: ~$43k
**Selling Price: ~$34k (21% off MSRP)
**Monthly Payment: $218+tax
**Incentives: $3k Lease Incentive, $1k Loyalty, $1k College Grad
**Leasehackr Score: 17 years


I love these deals, the dealers are so embarrassed to sell a car, they don’t want to disclose who they are(because their peers will accuse them of being whores). If this doesn’t show this stuff is distressed merchandise, I’m not sure what does. Nice deal!


Dealer refused to send me a screenshot of the deal when I asked for it, but instead sent me a screenshot showing their Front Gross profits in the negative. LOL


Love your sig pic. I have a Z32 too!

The weekend whip!

Very solid deal. Well done!

Nice deal! I need some help out here in Michigan :sweat_smile:

Same here. Looking for a good lease deal in MI but the dealerships are holding out.

Throw your net out far and wide! :fishing_pole_and_fish:

Don’t waste your time in MI. Signed my deal in Chicago area today. PM if interested.

Edited original post with more details and cars. The mayhem of May!

Wow man great work. That extra $1k for college grad really helps on 24 mos.

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Quick question that I haven’t seen on this forum. Will some dealers give you college grad if you are outside the time limits, specifically BMW? I graduated in 2006 and am jealous of this incentive.

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No, afaik college grad is regulated hardcore and some people who are actual recent college grads don’t even get it.

Each dealer I dealt with verified the degree was obtained within the last 24 months. One buddy’s SO’s degree was from the last week of May 2018 (making the one year mark less than 10 days prior to signing), and even that didn’t fly for them.

Looks like the dealer screwed her over as the terms include, “eligible to graduate in next 6 months”

Great deals BTW.

This. They are very stringent about this, especially if taking advantage of the “graduating within the next 6 months” part. My wife had multiple emails from registrar, deans office, etc, and they were busting balls until the last minute.

I made an edit to my post to include the year. Friend’s SO graduated in May 2018 :slight_smile:

Please share the dealer info .

Nice deals!

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