EOM '18 BMW Fartathon - $0 DAS, Max MSD: X2 - $158/mo; 330i - $206/mo

how can i get the x2 deal?

Impossible with current incentives.

I’d say impossible since 2018s are not leasable anymore.

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BMW Fartathon has a few 2019 demos on the lot that may be worth looking into, though


That too. Will have to see about the next spring cleaning!

Still possible. Just have to find the right dealer to make it happen :slight_smile:

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For 2018 X2s? I guess BMWFS likes to make things complicated with their special exceptions.

Correct, 2018s. Those exceptions are complicated indeed.

Exception on mileage is one thing. Exception based on age is another. I don’t think BMWFS will grant an exception to lease an 18 at this point. Quite frankly, I’d be shocked.

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May be a one-off or a two-off :slightly_smiling_face: but I got 2 buddies the last couple X2s off a dealer’s lot over the weekend.

The dealer needed their regional manager’s clearance for a deal through a “special program.”

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Tempted to take on that challenge for a few more unicorn X2’s to sell to vroom…hmmmm.

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if you guys see any of these x2 deals or have send them my way :slight_smile:

Get with a broker or do some homework.


The last day I was able to get a dealer to lease a 2018 was on June 1. If they’re leasing a vehicle beyond June 1, it’s probably cause it was written up already.

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Contracts were not signed until Sunday 6/11. Cars were not spoken for before then. They’re using a dollar-based residual and some dealers were able to secure approval from their regional manager(s) to flip the switch and make these units leasable one at a time.

Makes sense.

Wonder how flexible that RV is!

Sounds like a CPO lease. What compels the dealer to front a large enough discount to account for the lack of lease cash, and to go through an exceptional (no pun intended) amount of effort just to write up a loser lease agreement on a vehicle no longer supported?

It’s one thing to climb the ladder seeking an exception for extenuating circumstances if they’re making money (even then - I’ve never heard of that happening before), but I can’t imagine them putting that kind of effort to write up a loss leader when there are MY19 vehicles on the lot that need to get sold.

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