E-Golf So Cal Lease & Sanity Check - labor day

hi VERY helpful community!
So, right now i’m shopping around for the E-Golf SEL (have kids, need leather) and I’m getting numbers like:
$3k down, $290/month from downtown LA. This seems high.
Then Santa Monica said no down (but must pay taxes, title, etc.) and $350/month.
I’m a short woman/mom and I fear my mannerisms make me easily ripped off.
What should I target?

And, if you have any opinions about the e-Golf, let me know :slight_smile:

Some cars are just not good cars to lease. Volkswagen in particular don’t seem to be in many instances I have seen. Maybe you should look into the fiat 500e instead? It is advertised for $99 a month with $1.600 drive off. This is in OC California

I usually check DGDG for egolf lease specials … it’s
69+tax mth
3499+tax down
Good luck!

Edit sorry that’s a SE quick charge … SEL will prob be more.

thank you for replying Chris - the Fiat 500e is super cute, but i have 2 kids to haul around so the backdoors are needed.

The Santa Monica deal should be $300 with no down. Tell them you are ready to lease for that price. Make sure it is a 36 month deal (you will get 2.5k back from Cali).

Negotiating should have nothing to do with who you are and your demeanor. Just don’t let dealer try to obscure the facts. If they are letting the 30k SE egolf go for 99 a month + 3k down, the 36k SEL should nominally be an extra 100 at most per month. With no down, it should be at most $299. I think if you walk then through this and explain how you get the number, then you should be good.

Look at myvwegolf forum
Grey SEL with the Driver assist package.
10K miles/year
30 month
$3500 out the door
$200 mo/taxes in

I know, I am going to sound like a broken record, but why don’t you look at the Chevy Spark? It has rear doors, although it doesn’t look like when you look at it, has decent range at least for light footed and made (was) in Korea.
I’d look at the Golf as a last resort, just like chris says. btw, if the kids are small and not expected to shoot upwards during the lease term, maybe two door is not a such a big hindrance? :slight_smile:
Otherwise look at this post -http://forum.leasehackr.com/t/2016-fiat-500e-lease-ocfiat-california/3199
Or if you are set on VW this one - http://forum.leasehackr.com/t/another-2016-vw-e-golf-se-lease-check/3282

Nothing is a one size fits all solution.

First of all, many people can’t get the same deal - some deals require already having a lease, some might require others to put down a security deposit - leases require carrying higher minimum insurance levels.

Leases have limitations - if you commute 100 miles to work each day you might be exceeding your allotted yearly mileage. Your cheap $99 lease only includes 10k miles a year (or less, as I just saw a e-golf deal that only had 7.5k miles a year). At up to .25 a mile over the lease deal - your great deal turns out to be a $$ loser.

Lastly EVs in particular have limitations. Pretty much the standard EV for 2016 is only going to get around 100 miles per charge (+/-). If you’re plan on driving it every day, you better have access to a level2 evse. What if you rent? Apartments aren’t likely to allow you to install your own personal evse - and the days of just parking at the mall and leaving your car overnight, are gone. Many of the free charging stations are now turned off after a certain time or have restrictions on when you are allowed to be plugged in. If you own a home are you prepared to go time of use n your electricity bill? If not expect your average electricity bill to skyrocket, and I’m talking about bills in the 3 or 4 hundreds. You’ll be slipping into tier 3 billing in the first 2 weeks of the month.

Many of us already have second or third or fourth vehicle - forget to charge the car, or don’t plug it in all the way because you were tired - there is no stopping at the gas station on the way to work. You either take another car, or you call in sick. :chad:.

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Another contender for you a Kia Soul - http://www.kia.com/us/en/offers?series=soul-ev&year=2016&trim=96&model=516
Effectively $225 or so a mo plus tax w 0 driveoff?, not bad compare to Golf, never driven it, but people seem to like it.
btw, you can buy a leatherette seat covers and have a cloth seats protected at least somewhat from the next generation. If they manage to damage the leather seats, then it will cost you at the lease return anyway.