2016 Fiat 500e lease OCFiat (California)

36months/10k miles a year

Option A
Must have a current lease or 1000 is required to put down
625 covers your drives offs such as 1st months payment,registration, docfees
99+tax (108 inc tax if OC)

Option B
Must have a current lease or 1000 is required to put down
625 covers your drives offs such as 1st months payment,registration, docfees
2500 Cash Down
69+tax (76 inc tax)

If you want to upgrade to 12k miles add $20 more
If you want to upgrade to 15k miles add $40 more

i’m currently leasing this car and my lease will be up in oct. they had this deal for a while now, which btw, it is a great deal. we put 1500 down and $189 a month. $99 lease + 12k $20 + tax + warranty fee = $189. warranty cover and damage (ding dent, seat, etc) everything except tires. great car with great acceleration, probably as good as i3 rex, if not, better.

To me, the only negative is it’s range. 90 miles, if that. i’m no lead foot, but it gives me range anxiety.

I have this car too.
2nd the range anxiety.
Overall great car though.

How is B even an option?
You’re putting $2,500 down to save $30 a month.
$30 x 36 = $1,080
Doesn’t make any sense unless I’m trippin

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Range Anxiety is something every EV driver has to get over. Our first EV was the Toyota RAV4EV - great range, on extended the range was around 120 miles. We just traded that lease in for a Mercedes B250e - first week range was only in the high 70’s but now we are getting range around 90 - on extended we are getting 101/102.

I’m not too worried about the range on the Fiat - with only 10k miles it would be JUST a commuter car for me, and round trip to work is 52 miles - I work less than 220 days a year in the office so I should easily get under the 10k. I also own two gas vehicles so if necessary I could drive those in the event I end up going over.

I’m considering the 12k option just so I can have some fun miles to drive the car.

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I have this car as well. Actually was able to catch the $2500 rebate before everyone got waitlisted, so I got a true $0 down. With EVERYTHING rolled in, $0 down, TT&L + 1st month’s payment rolled in & the wear and tear package, I ended up at $118.49. Honestly, with the free charging I am able to do at work, + the electricity I am able to syphon from my detached garage at my apartment (I’m not getting charged for it, I’ve checked my electricity bills for 4+ months now) it basically pays for itself.

Looks fantastic. If California ever starts funding CVRP again, that would average out to $53/month including taxes.

$10 more for 12k miles.


SACRAMENTO — The state will invest millions of dollars into a popular program that gives drivers rebates for buying clean energy cars in California under a $900 million deal approved by Gov. Jerry Brown and the state Legislature on Wednesday.

Looks like rebates are back on. Dealers are sending emails saying so as well:

I have great news! The Fiat 500e $2,500 State Rebate has been approved. Please contact our sales department at 714-546-4511 to reserve your new 2016 Fiat 500e. Thank you.

Best Regards,
Kevin Thomas
Customer Relations Manager
Orange Coast Fiat

What is the breakdown for Residuals and MF for this deal?


like few other members on this forum, my current 500e is due end of month, no other lease for conquest, have other car in finance now (non-chrysler). What will be the term under this condition? Waive current disposition? Etc.

Thanks much.

Must have a current lease or 1000 is required to put down

Call the dealer - I’m just a consumer like you.

Here is the breakdown of my lease paperwork, this is with 12K miles

Cap Cost $7188.10
First Pay $128.40
Reg. $272
Acquisition $1295.00
Docs $80
Tire Fee $8.75
EV Reg $29.00
Tax $123.75
Total $9125.00

Rebates $8500.00 (assume this is $7500 Fed and $1000 Conquest)
Cash $625.00

Gross Cap $30132.91 (sale price of vehicle $29485.98)
Cap reduc $7188.10
Adj Cap $22944.81
Resid $19021.10
Dep/Amt $3923.71
Rent $317.09
Total Base Pay $4240.80
Payments 36
Base Pay $117.80
Sales Tax $10.60
Total Pay $128.40

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Just wanted to mention thanks to LeaseHackr, I’m getting a 2016 500e with 0 down ant $49 a month plus tax. I do have to put down $2,500, but thanks to the rebate, I get that back in a few weeks. The folks at OCFiat have been very helpful, I highly recommend them.

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Great deal! thanks for the breakdown.

Looks like the residual is 59% 10k 36mo / 58% 12k 36mo

@bill_lopez Can you let me know your salesperson’s name or email address? I just got the offer below. Option #1 and #3 are decent, but I think I would rather go with your Option #1 of $625 drive-offs and $99/month. Thanks.

$2500 State Rebate due at signing . You will receive a check back from the state of CALIFORNIA for $2500.
You must qualify for $1000. lease conquest rebate or put $1000 down.
$49/month+tax,36months,10k miles per year

You must qualify for $1000 lease conquest rebate or put $1000 down
You pay Drive Offs $1534.64 : dmv $308.75 , tax $ 1038.19, doc $80 , 1st month payment $107.70
$99/month +tax,35 months, 10k miles per year

You must qualify foe $1000 lease conquest rebate or put $1000 down

@kushrules Do you have the email of your salesperson? Thanks!

what does option 4 (one and done) look like? my county has a rebate too (san joaquin).

Justin Peters
Fiat Specialist
Orange Coast Fiat
2524 Harbor Blvd.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Not sure what you mean? I was given two offers, and Jon added an additional offer he received.

You should try and take advantage of your county’s rebate - its pretty good - plus you can take advantage of the state rebate as well. You might possibly get to lease this car for free.