Does BMW lease protection cover rims?

Hi Hackrs, need some advice.
I am looking to take over a lease with BMW lease wear and use protection(worth 7,500$). The car has curb rash on all 4 wheels with major rash on one of the rims.

Was going through posts on leasehackr and other forums; seems like curb rash might not be covered under the lease protection. If this being the case, I plan to not proceed with the lease transfer.

But the seller sent me a copy of the lease protection agreement and I didn’t find any information that states that it does not cover a curb rash on rims.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

Ahh, curb rash, a topic very near and dear to me.

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Long and short, folks report varied results for getting dinged for curb rash at turn in, even without the extended w&t plan - a number of inspectors apparently overlook it as regular expected wear, but it’ll of course depend on severity, which can be very subjective.

Personally, I have returned two horribly rashed vehicles to BMW (I blame the curbs - I swear they came out of nowhere :joy:), and was not charged on either (second one had extended w&t), albeit I was leasing another vehicle from that dealer both times which likely could have played into it.

If it’s a holdup for you, check if the seller can have it repaired before transfer - many dealers have local contacts that come by regularly for this and PDR, and you can usually negotiate a 3+1 deal at your local market rate (runs me 250 for all 4 here in AR; would have been 500 back in PA).

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Seems like I should try negotiating the down payment by ~$500. And at the time of lease turn in, I can decide post pre inspection if there is a need to get it fixed or not?

You would have to buy a separate tire and wheel protection plan. If it is a 3 or 5 series, you most likely wont get charged for curb rash. If it is an M series, then you ll probably be charged.

I’ve been hearing mixed reports over the last 18 months about inspection scheduling timelines/availability due to the state of things, but conceptually, yes - you should be able to get the inspection done with time to spare to get the repairs done before turn in based upon what you see in the report.

Perhaps someone who’s done a turn in more recently can chime in on their timelines/experience, since mine were both pre-2020.

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