Curb rash (bmw lease)

Hey all,
I just got my first dread curb rash on my m340i lease. I have 2 two tone color rims (outer flat surface of rim is alum alloy color, inner is black)… and the rash is mostly confined to the outer alum portion… with just a tiny 2 spots of involvement of the inner black rim.

Question: from a lease return point of view, if I have a local guy do the repair ($75/wheel, highly reviewed) the outer rim damage (no repair to tiny areas of black inner rim damage), should this confidently pass lease-end inspection?

Thanks in advance!

Get it inspected first. I had two wheels worse than that (one much worse) and some rash on all 4. Didn’t get charged for any of them


I have done 5 lease returns with wheel rashes a lot worse than that - never been charged or questioned or looked down upon. I would think this is regular wear and tear. You are a good man/woman for caring :slight_smile:

Get the inspection first, unless it’s bothering you. BMW has been very generous with regards to wheel rash in my experience. Your own OCD may drive you to handle it rather than a need to avoid charges.

It won’t confidently pass. Get a lease pre-inspection done since they do fall outside of what is considered normal wear and tear.

Thanks all’s. This is great info to know.

I’m super ocd with my new car lol, so gonna get it touched up with that great local guy for $75. But this at least let’s me know that it doesn’t need to the absolutely pristine perfect to pass inspection.

For $75? why would you even bother worrying about curb rash and questioning inspection turn in when just $75 bucks makes it brand new again???

I’m OCD too with my cars, my BMW got curb rash when I tired their parking assist function(never use it again). Dealers don’t even care it’s pretty much normal wear and tear for them. They don’t expect a perfect car after 3 years of ownership…

A year later, still 100% agreed on not using automated parking assist yet. First time I tried it yesterday, and clearly the last. There goes $200. :man_facepalming:

(… and yes, this is known as the brake dust from hell - it was washed and de-ironed, etc. just this past Thursday)


Wow that brake dust : cough cough …

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I had SIGNIFICANT curb rash on my tires on my recent turn-in.

Didn’t cost me a dime.

Just avoid washing your car like you did in this pic and it will repair itself…


A month of dust collection later, I’d say we have some solid progress and the “repair” is coming along well, boys and girls! :joy: #noshame

(Yes, this is legitimately my plan, and either way with the extended W&T and now 3 curbed rims after track day, no point in repairing pure cosmetics)

Yes! This is how you do the work.

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With these soft wheels they make these days, it’s inevitable you’ll get curb rash, especially if you’re forced to park really close to the curb due to narrow streets.

Never had an issue at lease turn in but like many here I’m also OCD about it and usually get it fixed.

Do you daily your car on Laguna Seca? Hella brake dust :joy:

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He’s pushing it hard… it’s a X5M, IDR if he has Carbon Ceramics but he’s definitely driving it…

@DG-X5, glad you got the wheel and tire lol.


Sadly no CCBs, which would’ve been very useful given all the track time this fella has already seen, but the M brakes have held their own just fine. I just have to be a bit more careful in later runs and they need more frequent replacement (woohoo for UC+).

~3.5 months, 8500+ miles, 4 track days, an average speed of 68.8 MPH, and a rather surprising 14.8 MPG over the same stretch - I’ve definitely had a ton of fun, and to have buyout offers higher than my payoff right now is the real :cherries: on top.

Just finished putting Xpel XR Plus on all the windows this morning and it’s time for her to bake! :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: boo… looks like CCBs aren’t covered by UC+ anyways. In which case I’ll take the all you can eat buffet of M pad replacements from the CBS indicators instead.
“BMW vehicles equipped with Carbon Ceramic brakes are not eligible for BMW Ultimate Care+ upgrades or extensions.”


Nice car, glad you drive it like it was designed. I’ve never had them on any of my vehicles but I don’t believe CCBs create any brake dust and typically last much longer than conventional. I’m not sure about a heavy beast like this for a lease term with tracking though.

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3 months later from when I originally started, I finally got foiled in my plans by a new dealer who ultimately meant well… sigh… looks like @HersheySweet is right… the only reasonable solution is to drive more to build it back up! :innocent:

The dealer did offer to fix all the rash for 240$ across all 4 rims, which seemed rather reasonable given the work involved. Not tempted since she’s getting sold in a bit anyways, but just a new datapoint for forged wheel rash repair in Arkansas.

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