Dealer wants to buy my 2019 QX60 - too good to be true?

*** Latest Update - 1/9/22 ***
Got the MSD check back on Saturday. I was expecting it end of January but it came earlier than I expected. (On the document, pay off was 12/29/21) Full amount. No disposition fee was taken from SD amount.

** Update - 12/27/21**
Just dropped my car off and pick up the check. My dealer looked around, drove for 5 min and said the car condition is better than he expected. He handed me the check, I signed two papers and walked out. All happened less than 20 min. He said used car market is really hot now and asked me to spread the words that they will but any cars. Anyway, thank you all of you for great advices!

I have 2019 QX60 (Lux, 4WD), 25K miles, lease maturity in March 2022.
Monthly payment: $376.69, Residual Value $ 28118, Payoff $ 29239.

Dealer (in Ohio) called and offered $8000 to end my lease now. No fees, bring the car in and pick up the check.
I don’t need another car any soon.

  1. Is this a good deal?
    I have done research for 3r party sales (Vroom/carMax) and it is about $35-37K. However, since it is financed with Infiniti finance, I know that I can’t do 3rd party sales.

  2. I have $1200 MSD, will this refund back to me from the Infiniti Finance?

Anything I need to check with dealer or research ahead?
Any advice will help.

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I would be at that Infiniti dealer tomorrow morning. You should get your MSDs back once the lease account is closed out, yes.


Im guessing they included the MSDs in that $8k - the infiniti dealer can include it in the payoff or have IFS cut a check back to the customer to the best of my knowledge. Either way its a very strong offer.


That’s double what my dealer paid me. Selling to the dealer is the easiest process ever. Do it


Thank you all. I’ll report back after drop off the car.

Sounds TGTBT to me, but you won’t ever know until you show up for them to see it.

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How many dealers have you spoken to? Don’t just sell it to the first bidder.

I know. I’ll report back. Thanks.

Good advice. The dealer reached out to me - I was not seeking to sell my car before they called. As I mentioned, I only did quick comparison for the market price on Carvana, Veroom and CarMax. I just did another search on the Infinti site for pre-owned 2018 QX60 and it looks like on similar spec, they are asking for $44K+. I am sure they make money on this no matter what. :wink:

When I tried selling back to Infiniti, not a single dealer I contacted would value the car before inspecting it in person. Strange they throw out this big number, it may be just to get him to come in

Keep us in the loop OP, hope it’s really their offer


That’s my suspicion. They know his contract is ending soon, it’s the end of the quarter and the end of the calendar year, and going into a slow month or 2. Nissan’s FYE isn’t until March, but quarterly numbers mean something too.

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Thank you. I am away from home and will drop the car off next week. Fingers crossed.

Yeah. After listening to all of you, it’s very suspicious. :frowning:

Hopefully, for your sake, we’re all wrong and the offer is legit


I have the exact same model and ending lease in March 22. You mentioned since it’s financed with infinity, we cannot sell it to 3rd party like caravana? What are the options I want to go thus route to sell it to carmax or caranava?

Your only option for selling it to carvana/carmax is to purchase it first.

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Unless this has all of the packages, loaded up at like 59k, and is absolutely immaculate, or you have a dealer who is super thirsty for used inventory (unlikely, given how flooded the used market has been with these over the past 2 months), something doesn’t feel right here. This doesn’t seem like a loaded up car, given the low payoff, so it feels like a gross overpayment by a dealer, even if the MSDs were included in the payoff amount. The numbers that Carvana is offering on these things now are probably fair value, fwiw.

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im wondering what to do myself, lease is up in march, have a luxe, paying 308 a month, original msrp was 51,500, with a buyout of 28,837, Miles are slightly under contract,
Is there a cheaper way to buy it other than paying the purchase option price? Would a dealer be able to get me a better price if i tell them i want to turn it in and purchase?
Even if i could make some money on turning it in, i down see myself getting into another lease for a similar monthly.
Question is, are these qx60’s worth 28 and change after 39 months?

No. You have a contract option that already let’s you buy it for under market value. No one is going to sell it cheaper to you. The dealer would much rather you turn it in to them so they can sell it for way over your buy out price to someone else.

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Can you get them to write up an official offer specific to you and the vehicle VIN etc? I would be pissed if I had to travel far away to find out I get dragged into for some nonsense.

I am looking to jump out of my lease as well, the dealer I got it from, gave me a ridiculous low ball offer. I don’t want to go through the process of purchasing the vehicle and then trading it in, I rather get into a new vehicle or get a check and run until I can score another LH deal…

Curious to see how this plays out.