Lease end / Equity Check for 2019 Infiniti QX60

I had a great deal with selling my first Infiniti 2019 end of last year.

My second Infiniti 2019 QX60 (Pure 4WD) is due back soon

It has 33K miles, lease maturity in October 2022.

Monthly payment: $395, Residual Value $ 25,053, Payoff $ 25,812.

The same dealer that I sold my first QX60 (in Ohio) called and offered $2,700 to end my lease now. No fees, bring the car in and pick up the check.
I don’t need another car any soon.

Is this a good deal?
I have done research for 3rd party sales (CarMax and others) and it is about $23K - $30K. However, since it is financed with Infiniti finance, I know that I can’t do 3rd party sales

Market is different than last year for sure. Should I do it? Anything I need to check with dealer?

take the cash and RUN?


Is any amount of the equity check good at this point?

I was following the thread and saw some horror stories at the Infiniti dealership charging an extra $ at the end of the lease. I am in one of two states where Nissan is not allowing Direct Buyouts. (Ohio)

Please remember that while you cannot sell an Infiniti lease to a third party directly, you CAN sell to another dealership who has an Infiniti location within their chain.

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if you dont need it, dump it asap.

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I am in the same situation, I have an Infiniti QX60 LUXE paying $515 a month with about 35K miles on it. I am at lease end in Sept and am looking at my options. They want almost double for the same lease today. Which dealership in Ohio are you working with? Maybe they are willing to wheel and deal more!!

DM me if you are still interested. Just dropped car off and got the equity check.