Deal Review 2019 C43 AMG

This is the lease worksheet dealer gave me…

Line20 - Total Add Cap - (Dealer Handling fees - $698.95) + (Acq Fees $725) + (title fees $70) = 1493.95

The Msrp is inclusive of the maintenance plan.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

@Bostoncarconcierge – help appreciated here…

It’s 9PM on the last night of the month my man. What’s your goal here?

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ah sorry man… just wanted someone to have a second look that I was not getting fleeced somewhere…

Doesn’t look bad for a 2019. Cash due is $7500 in MSD and first payment. If you have fleet it’ll be cheaper.

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All good sir.

I’m not the right guy to provide feedback on this car. I haven’t done one before/researched.

They said fleet only reduces by $500.

yeah, it doesn’t stack with lease cash, so it’ll only take an extra $500 off or so. Still a few dollars a month savings which is nice. Is this a new car?

Looks like Sell Price + Maintenance + Total Add Caps

It is, 80 miles on the odo

The real question to me is…it’s 9 on the last day. Do you have this deal secured for tomorrow?

They ran my credit, still have to pay the deposit. They ran it through MBFS…

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Looks like a good deal for a new car then. Like @Bostoncarconcierge said, if you’ve got these numbers locked in, then go for it

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You know your stuff man! Always impressed with the knowledge bombs you’re dropping.


You’re the one with the insane deals brother! Most of my commentary is on vehicles which I considered leasing or helped others lease, so I just try to share my findings :slight_smile:

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It’s a huge asset to the forum! Your knowledge that is

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Calculator –

The sales manager came back and said that they calculated the residual wrong. They are going to talk to the finance manager tomorrow.

Agree this is a good deal for a 2019, especially including maintenance.

Numbers expire tonoght so no idea why they would tell u to come tomorrow… unless they met their monthly and really didnt need to honir the deal anymore.