2019 C43 Sedan - first time leaser, need input

Got the following offer for a 2019 C43 sedan. Lease Hackr says 8 years, is it good?

MSRP - $58850
Sale price - $54250
MF - 0.00099
MSD - 6
Residual - 60%
7500 miles/year
$1300 (licensing & documentation fees)
Down payment - $1000
WA state

Comes out to $699/month (there might be some minor inconsistencies in the data above as the quote initially came out to $718 but we got a final offer for $699)

Personally I think that’s a terrible deal. Do you qualify for fleet or loyalty?

Nope. Why do you say terrible? Looked through a lot of posts on this forum & couldn’t find anything less than $700.

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No you haven’t.

Using the search bar, found this in 2 minutes. Less than 700, higher MSRP.


But a higher MSD too. Almost double. I’m pretty sure I’d get close to that MF & monthly if I put in the same MSDs.

You’re at an effective rate of ~760 for 7500 miles. You need a bigger discount on the car. Also I know it’s personal preference but you’re basically at M3 with the comp package money (now that they are being discounted heavily).

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Don’t be so judgmental - I’ve been lurking on this forum for the past couple of weeksa

I see. Let me see if I can negotiate more on the sell price.

Double MSD is not worth it to you to get the payment lower? Put your down towards MSD. MSDs are all refundable. Total the car and none of the down is refundable.

I get that but I think I can make more money on it if I were to invest it elsewhere than the difference in interest. Hence why I didn’t max out my MSDs.

Big brother is watching. Maybe he is a speed reader?


I am sure this pig has some incentive on it like 3k lease cash?
Edit: Nope doesn’t seem to be any incentives on MB right now… so this is possibly the worst time to lease MB?

Then why put any MSDs? People max out MSDs because it’s unlikely you’re going to get that rate of return investing it anywhere else.

Some people have cash flow and asset limitations unlike the Mr Big Bucks who can put unlimited MSDs :slight_smile:


Because I get around 5-6 MSDs from my trade in. I don’t wanna put more money out of pocket on top of that.

Unless you’re dying to have it now, I can’t help but think that the numbers will improve a little bit once MY18 support goes away. This seems awfully high for a <$60k MB. The MF and RV are great but the vehicle is hardly being discounted and there’s no rebates or incentives that can help drive the selling price down right now. Waiting a few more months may save you hundreds thousands over a 3 year term. Or it may not improve at all. But this seems like a deal you could easily replicate today or next month by just simply walking in to any dealer in the country. So for that reason, there’s really no benefit in pulling the trigger now unless you need the car.


Hmm thanks… let me dwell on that. Great point!

Here’s a good reference point for what’s achievable today:

This is effectively $703/mo including SoCal tax. So approx $640/mo + tax. Higher MSRP, too.

OP states Tax included in the $599/mo