Deal Review 2019 C43 AMG

Hopefully, the fact that they ran his credit means they will honor the deal tomorrow

And Residual for 12k miles is 58% for the c43 sedan

They probably didnt need the sale tonight. If numbers get better, they may offer him same deal to make more on their end.
OP, make sure u check new March numbers and get all infor before u go back in to sign

They said that the incentives have been locked in with MBFS, don’t know what that means though. Even if their numbers are wrong, can they update this lease ?

You are the source for the new incentives man. :slight_smile: They come out tomorrow right or on 2nd ?

Lol please rely on edmunds. But yes numbers expired today for Feb.

@mani_is_kool - do they actually need a deposit to seal the deal ? Or, if they ran my credit and the numbers went through MBFS e-verify and are in their system. Is that enough ?

If deal has been structured and submitted to mbfs, you are good. The MSD are collected by the dealership but then they have to forward that to mbfs but it doesnt have to be done right away. They have a few days.
Any other experts, please feel free to confirm.

I have done this before but not with MBFS, so it should be fine.

Not an expert, but common sense and LH folklore seems to confirm that pressing send on the paperwork for MBFS is all that is needed to capture the incentives. Which is actually a great nugget - I shall start stalking BMW dealerships at 7 pm on month end from now on …

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So, if they locked it in with MBFS, can the numbers be changed if something like (Residual) was messed up ? In that case, do I loose the incentives ?

They would adjust any obvious mathematical/typographical errors. They would only void the contract in case of gross negligence/fraud/insanity (like having RV > SP)…

As long as it matches the numbers for February.

I know that with BMW if you put in a credit app you can lock that months incentives for a certain period of time.

Isn’t acq $795?

You get $55,402.95 NCC (net cap cost) by adding:
SP 52889
PPM 1020
Capped fees 1493.95

Thanks @max_g .

In the above worksheet the Residual seems to be correct. However, the dealer texted me, they looked at the deal worksheet again and said that they entered the residual as $36,105 in the system. Which comes out to be 59% . Can I ask the dealer to keep those numbers since the payment decreases by a little bit. :slight_smile: :thinking:

Any advice from experts ? @jananth1

You can ask them whatever you want. They may tell you to pound sand, but at least you asked.

But don’t ask unless you’re looking the lock the deal in. Otherwise you’re just wasting everyone’s time

The dealer cannot use whatever RV they want. If it is wrong, MBFS will not accept nor fund the contract.

If you have an AMG appreciation certificate, you can save $500 more on the lease.

I don’t have that. To get that one should have owned an AMG before right ?