Deal Check Sienna Hybrid

Hello, i been trying to get a Sienna Hybrid. A dealer sent me these numbers
MSRP 47922
Selling price of 46922
36 Months 15K miles
Residual should be 62%
a Money Factor of .00180
the payment would be 629.
Is it just me or is this a bad Deal ?

Yes it’s awful - do you know why?

Odyssey’s are leasing decently;

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Lol that’s a terrible deal for a sienna. Just buy it at that point. I haven’t driven this new hybrid power train but the previous v6 was barely sufficient for this mass. You will have to go out of state to get a good deal.

$1,000 discount is bad.

No i do not know why. I am new to this. I do not want a Odyssey. I wanted a hybrid
Can you tell me why ?

I agree with that. What amount off MSRP should i hope to see

Have you compared the gas savings vs difference in payment of the Hybrid model? Might not be worth it


Why do you want a hybrid? To spend thousands of dollars to save a couple hundred?

Everyone will have different opinions on what a “good” deal is for any given car. At the end of the day, it comes down to how you feel about it. Here are some Lease 101 tips that we’d recommend:


it all depends on price ETC. you might be right. But there is clearly good deals and bad deals.
I prefer a hybrid for Fuel savings it adds up quickly
TO each there own…

i was thinking of the 1% idea so it should be 460. Then i figured the extra miles ETC.I would think around 500 would be a fair deal personally. Perhaps i will not reach that number

You tripping over dollar bills to pick up a quarter. Gas saving will never equal price difference on this lease but if thats what you want then have at it. Contact our resident Toyota specialist in PA he’s your best choice.


Have you done any research or math on the lease deal or the fuel savings?

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Frankly, haven’t seen that on LH. It’s a new model year vehicle, and high-500’s was the lowest seen in CA (?) in the last couple of months IIRC.

Edit: just found these from Nov in CA. Not your region and from another time, but FYI

At least $4,000

that was just a quick answer. who is thus Specialist ?
Does anyone do chrysler ?

You can see all register brokers with topics in marketplace. Look through there

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thank you. I am new to this and i am learning
i would think it should be around 480 to 530 ish for 15k miles ?
DO you think this is realistic ?

What is this number based off of? What percentage off MSRP? Considering that you were here in 2018 asking for help I wouldn’t necessarily call you new. Take the time to do the necessary research instead of pulling numbers out of thin air.

my guess? I was guessing that would be a fair rate for this car. However, I do not know. this is why I am asking.
I posted the numbers I got seems they are not really discounting.

Have you done any reading on how leasing works in the past 2+ years you’ve been on here?