Deal Check: Kia Telluride EX AWD


I received a quote from dealer, no negotiations as such just wish to understand more on this deal:

Retail - $44,170
SP $40,760
Tax $1,271.97
0 down $745
$1,000 down $700

I had asked for the worksheet the max I got was the above numbers. They did confirm that $745 is the total I would pay excluding DMV and first month. I tried to prepare the lease on the calculator on my own, and following is what I could achieve:

Edmunds gave me the following numbers:

.00202 and 65%
$3410 lease cash

and accordingly it should be:

Please suggest.

Also, I have been trying to connect with dealers over emails but the response is really surprising. They don’t reach back and / or share worksheets. This one was the best I could get, what am I missing?


What incentives are on the telluride that’s you qualify for? I was under the impression there were no incentives? The money factor is absolutely destroying any possible deal here and the discount is not enough. Their offer is nearly 800 a month effective with 0 cap cost reduction and first months with taxes out the door. Insane price for a 44k dollar car.

This is absolutely attractions, you’re in X5 40i territory with this deal. I think event he X7 is starting to come down to this.

The dealer didn’t share any details on incentives and now that you mention that probably that was baked in the price. On the dealers website it says 1000 and 500 conditional cash apart from that edmunds I just asked for incentives in my area and I got the number.

I am quite sure… BMWs have been my choice but looking for 3 rows and non premiums to beat pricing but I really don’t think Kias and Hyundais would allow me to do that. Ford the trim has to reach Limited or ST to get me the features and moreover they are not even responding to emails I have sent. Leaves me with VW or Mazda. I have read some reviews on Mazda here which are pulling me back on even researching on pricing for it plus the tech is missing some very basic configurations these days.

You will do much better with a Palisade unless you must have a Telluride. this is the deal I just signed.

A broker has a demo x7 for 650/month + tax with inceptions and dmv das.
It’s not that loaded, but still. X7 vs Kia telluride? Is that a competition???

@CapsCup2018: I have read your post, the whole detail of it :slight_smile: Congratulations on the purchase and I too agree that Hyundai would be a better buy as such (personal inclination) but again not much response from Hyundai dealers here plus the catch is my lease has to be a 24 months and 12k which I guess is jacking up prices and may be I am not able to find similar deals to refer too as 36/10 is the most common

@HersheySweet: There is no comparison. I just can’t go with the BMWs right now. Also, that is a 36/10 quote but again with 24/12 it may cost the same (not a pro on calculations here)

24 months on bmw are not good right now.

This is 36/12k. Don’t forget to add local sales tax and remove loyalty/fleet and add conquest (subtract 500). Still better value.

@HersheySweet: Thanks, I agree it is a better value. I also have to stick to a 24 month lease.

It’s not a coincidence that the quoted sales price matches the lease incentive exactly.


Contact a broker for a 24 month. What region are you in. I assure you, spending this much on a telluride will land you on the worst leases of all time.

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@Jon: spot on… I am pretty sure now there weren’t any discounts just incentives applied. Rookie mistake didn’t see those clearly

@HersheySweet: from what I have read there is a fees and they get the best deals out there? I was hoping to crack this on my own but this would be my first and then 24 month market isn’t that popular as well.
Would you know of any brokers? I have checked the deals page (may be not too detailed) but couldn’t find much

Where do you live? State is fine, brokers need region as each gets different incentives and has different dealers.

Why does it HAVE to be 24 months and what features are looking for that only Hyundai/Kia offer for the price point? Also, how far are you looking from where you are? What region are you in?


@HersheySweet: NJ
@StingerTT: I would not prefer going on a longer lease. 24 months helps me with a comfort of mind if I wish to hop out of it sooner due to some situation. I am assuming I would not pay equivalent to 36 months if the lease is 24 (considering the higher prices) and if I have to hop out say around 20 months then looking at 4 months of penalty. Tell me if it is a bad idea, I have been buying cars till date and was waiting for the manufacturers to offer 24 months on leases. Following is my requirement:

12k miles per year min.
3 row seating with decent 3rd row space for tall folks
Good low end torque on engine and decent power
Exterior - good looks excluding silver color, panaromic moonroof, power side view mirrors
Interior - leather trim, heater seats, navigation, good looking dash
Safety - the latest tech may be excluding self park, auto pilot or something

With these in mind following were my choices in order:

  • Ford Explorer - I have to go to limited to get most of the features. Initially hunted for XLT and options 202A No quotes
  • Hyundai Pallisade SEL with prem/conv package and moonroof- I lose the panaromic moonroof and just get one single. No quotes
  • Kia Telluride EX with moonroof- Same as the pallisade. One quote
  • VW Atlas SE with tech/4motion or SEL- gets me everything but the low end torque is killing it. I did get a vague quote without a split, $699 a month 0 down 24mon/12k
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24M is really killing this deal. I doubt if the 24 or 36m residual is gonna be that much different and with 36m, depreciation is spread out more evenly.

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Do bmw 36, you can always transfer the lease for 500 dollar fee. DM @nyclife. His dealer is in your area, you qualify for conquest, this is what it would look like minus tax. Has everything you want except autopilot / auto cruise control.

Is $44170 the MSRP or is that a made up market value after a markup?

They make this look like they’re giving you $3500 off, but I don’t think that’s what’s actually going on based on the payment amount.

@boozinix: I am thinking so as well but I checked on the KIA website and after the incentives it gave me a rate in lower $600 per month for 24/12 or 15 which is why I am lost on what is needed in this lease. I was thinking I would be able to score some if not more on the discount and that would drop the per month.
@HersheySweet: come the day when I decide to go with the BMW I would surely reach out to nyclife. Read most of the posts where nyclife has been mentioned
@mllcb42: That would be the sticker price. It is on their website as well. Well the $3410 which edmunds provided and Jon highlighted is on KIA’s website as well and it gets applied while calculating. So basically they just deducted the incentives in the selling price and gave $0 discount?

@mllcb42: I have been reading on the forum where people have been sharing details of $7k above the MSRP but here in this quote I don’t see a markup just that there is no discount. Is my understanding correct that this deal has no markup? may be another element (MF) is marked up