Hyundai Palisade Limited 8.1% off MSRP 36/10 $571 per month with effective $1500 drive off. South Florida


This is going to be a long post since there are many people shopping for 3 row cross overs and I wanted to share some info, so TLDR:

I know there are cheaper cars out there however I think I got an excellent deal on a very hard car to get a deal on. On top of that this is in South Florida and this dealer has an eye watering $998 dealer Fee!! No that is not a typo. Despite this I still got a better deal for a limited than I have seen anywhere. I made the deal last night they are delivering it this morning.

Photos added.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Hyundai Palisade Limited FWD
MSRP: $46890
Selling Price:$43107 8.1% Off
Monthly Payment: $534 Pre Tax - $571 with 7% Tax
Drive-Off Amount: $ 2,000 - Effective $1500 with $500 Bonus Drive Rebate
Annual Mileage:10
Incentives:$500 Lease cash $500 Bonus Cash Post sale rebate
Region:South Florida
Leasehackr Score: Who cares
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Ok now to answer all the questions that are going to be asked.

Why didn’t you get or look at a:

The “loaded” SEL trim for the Palisade: Yes I could have gotten an SEL for cheaper but there are MANY additional features on the limited that we wanted: Dual panel Sunroof, Napa Leather & Ventilated seats front And rear, Digital Instrument cluster, Blind View monitor (this is bad ass), Harmon Kardon Audio, 360 Camera, heads up display and ambient lighting

XC90: This is a nice looking car with a nice interior. I found it small and cramped compared to its competitors inside. Also while deals are out there they tend to be on lower trims and to get anything approaching the features in the Palisade it would be way more expensive than what I got

CX- 9: We currently own a CX-9 The car seems great on the surface however the longer we lived with it the more we hated it. It looks great and has a nice interior but it ages badly and is tiny inside. I am 5-8 and I can not adjust my seat to a comfortable position to drive with a rear facing car set behind me. Also the seats are just hard and uncomfortable

Atlas: Nice and roomy inside but I am not crazy about the exterior and the interior build quality is just cheap looking and feeling.

Telluride: I actually prefer the exterior looks of the Telluride over the Palisade but like the Palisade interior better. However Kia dealers are just going crazy with these. There are very few of them available and they wanted over $800 a month for a top trim model.

Bottom line is I am very happy with this deal and this car. For all the people bashing this car for a high lease price vs. it’s MSRP I say ignore the MSRP. The main difference is Hyundai isn’t inflating their MSRP the way other manufactures do so the lease may not look as good on the surface. Look at what I am paying monthly and the insanely long list of options and tell me where there is a better value?



On the bright side, it being FWD you can still throw it sideways with a set of lunch trays.



Nice deal for the Palisade! You got a slightly higher pre-incentive discount than I did (prob to account for less incentives $500 vs $1000). What color did you get? Pics!

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Bob Bondurant will even teach you how!


That’s all that matters !


Yup. If Infiniti built this they’d slap a $70k+ MSRP on it.

If they could build it


Sierra Burgundy with Beige Napa. Pics coming soon. They are delivering it within the hour to my house.

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Solid deal on a palisade, especially the limited trim. Better pre-incentive than I got.

Add I 100% agree on the CX-9 being miserable.


Great deal! Glad you went with 36/10k


I may be publicly flogged for saying this, but for all of our deal hacking here you still have to live with what you leased every day. Better to get something you won’t hate driving every day even if it means paying extra to get what you want. Looks like you did quite well for this vehicle - congrats!


I couldn’t agree more!! This site has given me the tools to get the best possible deal on the car I want. That isn’t always going to be the most hacker worthy deal. I am in an S90 now that I never really wanted. I got it because the deal was to good to pass up. I will never get a car again just because it’s the best deal. I learned a valuable lesson that the deal isn’t good no matter how great it is if you aren’t happy with the car.


“But you could have gotten two 330i loaners for the same price!”

Jokes aside, enjoy the car man.


What disturbs me in this is that you went front a CX-9 and an S90 to this. Exactly the vehicles that have been in my driveway…



Ha!! I have been following all your adventures with the Palisade and you definitely helped me so thank you for that!

This car will be my wife’s daily driver I am going to order an M340i next month for myself.

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And two 330i loaners can fit more people too


They’d have made it FR layout, too.

Thanks for the thoughtful thorough write up! Great FAQ regarding other SUVs, including the Telluride. If I can replicate closely on an AWD, I’ll likely skip waiting for the 2021 Kia Sorento intro.


Given that both Palisades and Telluride have been at or above MSRP for quite some time, so it is nice to see these models actually being discounted.

Enjoyed the ride.


What a beautiful suv.
Congratulations! :clap:

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Congrats my man, I bought palisade 2 months ago and I am so happy with it, great car to drive and it looks beautiful. Enjoy !

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