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Hi All,

I got a quote for a Jeep GC 4xe 30th-anniversary edition from a dealership in Oregon. I am based out of Seattle WA. The quote is 450/ month for 24 month 10k mile lease with 3,500 down. The contract says I will take care of taxes in Washington and indemnify the Dealership. But the contract also has

Can you guys please guide me if I am reading it correctly and i only owe 3500 down and 450 a month and not additional money.

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What’s the MSRP of this vehicle?

66,390 or 66,900 is the only 2 MSRPs for this vehicle.

MSRP is 66xxx. Just want to make sure taxes are part of monthly payment and I’m not on the hook for any additional charges

There should be taxes on the $14400 in cap cost reductions included in there as well.

thats whats confusing to me. I am getting it out of state and want to make sure i am not on hook for additional taxes or fees other than just registering it in my state

Oregon doesn’t have sales tax so that 43.13 charge in line J lines up with the 10.55% sales tax of King County.

Dealer did not tax my rebates either when I signed.

So am I looking at a pure 450 a month payment?
What was the registration cost like at DMV for you? Its my first car purchase here and just found out about RTA

I don’t live in the Seattle area so I’m not familiar with RTA

@28firefighter would you know?

Regional transit subsidy in western WA. 1.1% of vehicle value at time of registration (MSRP when new).

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+$146/mth you already gave to them as a cap reduction ($3500/24). So actual monthly is ~$600.

So does it make a bad deal? I am just so lost and theres no help up here in WA from local dealers :frowning:

One other thing - if they are not collecting sales tax on your rebates, you can expect to need to pay that when you register the car, otherwise WA will not issue your plates. Figure you’ll need to pay about $1500 in sales tax on the rebates + cap reduction and $800 for registration (including RTA) in addition to cap reduction.

You may be missing the Jeep $1000 coupon that could offset some of your taxes. Instructions on how to pull it is here. HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 4) - #5171 by harrydogyo

No, not bad for a 4xe 30th anniversary trim. Just trying to demonstrate what the real monthly cost is.

Here is another one posted earlier today (opposite side of the country) - that’s a similar price to yours.: ‘23 GC 4xE 30th - $550/mo with $1275 DAS - Share Deals & Tips - FORUM | LEASEHACKR

According to the posts above, he’s at almost $700/mo effective after he registers and pays tax. I had real reservations about a $580/mo effective payment for this car. Only reason I did is because I was able to squeeze some equity out of my base 4xe to make the 580 even cheaper (in my mind at least). It’s nice looking, but not at $700 a month.


Anyway you look at it these are now $550-$600pm propositions.

Over inflated MSRP backed with incentives. Still pretty expensive for a GC.

The good ole days of GCs being 400-450pm SUVs.

These are expensive/overpriced.

What competitive vehicle leases substantially cheaper?

Depending on month/program, its gas variant leases way cheaper.

CX90 PHEV also alittle cheaper.

Let’s be real here, you can agree here that this is expensive . It is what it is.

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