Deal check: BMW X3 PHEV


Location - 98052
Got the following numbers for 2020 BMW X3 PHEV xDrive30e SAV (the PHEV) from a dealership

MSRP $56.2
“Dealer” discount: $3.5
Taxable rebates: $1.5
Sale price: $52.5
Drive-off: $1.6
Monthly (including tax): $723

I see the following incentives on the website (only those that apply to me):

Dealer Allowance: $2.5 cash back on select BMW models
College Grad Offer : $1.0 on select BMW models
Conquest Offer : $0.5 on select BMW models
Corporate Discount: $1.0 under my employer tie-up with BMW

Calculator link here. I have the following questions for y’all:

  1. I see $52.9 as the “invoice price” according to Costco Auto. The salesperson is already below invoice price. How much further can I negotiate with her?
  2. Is it naive to aim for $50.4 (the Invoice Price - $2.5 in dealer cash)?
  3. Is there a chance that BMW will pass on the $5.8 in PHEV tax credits to lessees in September, now that 2021 X3s are here? Should I wait?
  4. Can I stack my grad discount of $1.0, the $0.5 of “Lease Cash (per edmunds)”, and the $500 of conquest?
  5. Any other thoughts before I close?

Meeting with the salesperson on Thursday evening to close. Thanks, all!

Throw this out the window and go read bmw leasing faq 101.

Historically I recall another broker saying they only pass the full credit on the i3 and i8 cars to the tune.

Yes, you can. Review the faq section bmw leasing wiki it’s up to date.

Lol don’t.


Throw this out the window and go read bmw leasing faq 101.

Is that the same as the wiki? Would you please share a link? Google came up empty.

Yes it is


$700 for an X3 GTFO with that offer is what I would say as I would be blocking dealers number

Everything about this is horrible. Do not sign. At all.

More like $760/mo with the fees rolled in…on a $54k car. A.k.a highway robbery.

On a related note, these BMW PHEV’s (esp. the 330e/x3 e) generally seem like a colossal waste. They jack up the MSRP by a difference that would be impossible to match in gas savings or tax credits for any reasonable length of ownership. So unless you absolutely love the idea or your only driving is 19 miles a day…I don’t see the point.

They were eventually giving incentives on the 2018 330e’s that were at least as much as the tax credit, but I don’t think that was to match the credit, just to get rid of them.

Depending on your sales tax rate and willingness to risk excess depreciation, buying may make more sense.

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What should that number be? I thought a Leasehackr score of 8 (which I hope to get to) isn’t terrible for luxury vehicles?

Ignore that. Say a normal XC90 deal, 9.5% discount, normal lease cash, no markup and without loyalty and insane sales tax you’d be at 9.5 year lease hackr score, that score means absolutely nothing except a normalized non real world depreciation curve, something that doesn’t apply to PHEVs which are drop like rocks.

Yes I’ve gotten the full $4000 passes on my 330e in 2018. But don’t hold your breath on this new model.

That’s not a good deal. If you cannot find a pre incentive discount of at least 10% + base MF, go with a broker (even though you may need to pay for shipping, broker fee, notary fee). Some brokers on this site can easily give you 11% off + base MF.

I don’t remember anyone saying that. Like others said, I will contact a broker.


Only the 530e base MSRP has no premium over ICE.

Verdict is unanimous - walk away from this dealer. You will be better served finding a broker on the Marketplace that will deliver to WA, and at way more competitive rates.

Good luck!


Highly recommend trying the Portland area dealers first. Seattle area will not be good. If Portland is not competitive, try NorCal or SoCal and ship.

My own experience is the Portland dealers get competitive enough that it doesn’t make sense to ship.

This is what I got from a dealership ~100mi away (I was trying to negotiate closer to $600) : “we are about $7k apart from $600 monthly payment. That is a very aggressive discount and we are not interested in that kind of deal as it would not make financial sense for us. If another dealer is offering you a $600 payment on a $57k MSRP vehicle then I suggest you take it as we will not be able to come anywhere close to that”.

I’ve seen examples of folks getting 10-12% off on MSRP, how do people manage that? No one in Washington/Oregon seems willing to deal at any number below 6-7% discount.

I’m in WA as well. From what I’ve read it’s just how dealers are around here. Could be because they sell cars just fine to ppl that have the $ and don’t care to negotiate / don’t know how. Have you looked at retired loaners? I saw a bunch at one of the Seattle area bmw dealers (maybe Seattle)

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Contact 30-50 dealers, be willing to drive a ways, expect little. If/when a dealer bites, grab it. Read up more on LH. Or contact a broker. Sometimes the broker fee and even shipping if you can’t travel will still net you a better deal than a local deal, especially when your local deal is :poop:y

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