Deal check. BMW m235i gran coupe

It was just a cheap used one I saw on that I inquired about and the numbers pre incentive we’re great.

hmmmm… starting to lean option B. F&I may have just not wanted to deal with it. Out of state is fairly common for many BMW dealers.

Not a bmw broker sorry, JLR/Volvo and Honda.

Mani and IAC are so they should give you a realistic view

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In other words, they got butchered on reviews from the few OOS deals they did and decided the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze.

I’ve seen this before.

What’s OSS?

Out of state.

My dealership has never allowed to sell outside of California for New BMWs. Not BS.

It’s in BMW’s dealer agreement to not sell outside of your state, from my undetstanding.

That may be true for Cali, but not in PA, NJ, NY, or MD.

Yeah, I’d imagine different regions, different rules and regs.

I’m from out of CA and leased my previous 5 BMWs from CA dealerships (3 different ones). Over the years I contacted dealers throughout the country and I’d say a solid 80% would lease to out of state.

Just like it’s been mentioned before, people don’t follow the rules.

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Don’t get jealous that PA and NJ dealers get to have all the fun! :partying_face:

Your version of “fun” and mine is much different apparently.


Have a read…

While Center recognizes that its performance will be primarily measured based
upon its activities in its Primary Market Area, Center agrees that this
appointment does not confer upon it the exclusive right to deal in BMW Products
in any specific geographic area within the United States, nor does it limit the
persons within the United States to whom Center may sell BMW Products for use

Next time please just link it:

:rofl: :joy:

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I’ve done several out of state BMW deals. Old news. Also- while that may be in the agreement, I’ve PERSONALLY dealt with Porsche and BMW dealers in several states including CA & TX willing to do out of state deals (new cars in all instances).
This might be a dealer to dealer policy difference, but definitely guys out there who will do it.
A while back a dealer told me they just outsource the title & reg work to a 3rd party that handles it for them.


Several years ago, my local BMW dealer lost 2 (maybe 3?) high end cars to a fraudulent buyer in CA. The fraudster had stolen someone’s identity and had all credit info and a copy of the DL.

They stopped doing out of state for a while but now allow them using a third party in-person notary service.

Last year, I found a crazy deal for a friend in CA ($50k 330 demo for $50/mth including shipping). BMWFS wouldn’t approve the deal because it was a GA dealer selling to a CA resident (and not a rare car like an i8). Took almost 3 weeks to finally get it approved.

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My new thread was closed on a deal I’m working on so having to copy and paste into this thread.

Trying to work on a deal for a demo m235i Fran coupe. For some reason numbers are off from there offer by $13. They marked up MF for the 15% discount. I asked for a 17% discount from them for doing that but don’t think they will budge. I qualify for loyalty, lease cash and USAA.

Is this a crappy deal in everyone’s opinion? Also not sure why they are at $386 plus drive offs in their email to me.

Calculator is off due to me not putting demo mileage in although when I put the demo mileage in it’s still off so not sure what’s going on.

From @IAC a week ago in a different thread. I wouldn’t expect to get USAA only for them to pull the rug out from underneath you when it gets to finance.

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