Deal check. BMW m235i gran coupe

See newest post at bottom for dealer sheet. I found a new dealer to work with for an m235i gran coupe. Ugly car I know but I’m sure still fun as others here have noted. Let me know what you think. I know MF is marked up and they won’t budge

Just move on some dealers won’t do out of state deals.


Okay. That’s a shame. Deal was gonna be a good one

move on
look at it this way. It their loss for not earning your business

Most TX dealerships don’t lease out of state


Head across the border to Oklahoma or talk to @iac and @AP919

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I think that’s only you. All the BMW dealerships we deal with in Texas do out of state. :slight_smile:

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Oops, forgot Toyota in there, sorry guys

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dealers won’t do out of state deals unless its a big fat gross deal which does not apply here !!!:slight_smile:


Hopefully you have the numbers and you can use that as a guide to find a different dealer willing to match/beat it!

Will be tough. I would have had 17% off Before incentives on a demo which so far I’ve found tough in this market.

Demo definitely changes things but I think you can still do it.

I’m gonna give it a go. I wanna get into a m235i gran coupe. They’re ugly but I think they aren’t selling that great so hoping I can snag one with a decent discount and monthly payment

They’re fun little cars, all I’ll comment after UDE Philly.

I wanna get a loaner and if I can get 16-17% off with loyalty, lease cash and USAA I think I should be under 400 a month at 12/36…as a broker you think it’s realistic?

Had a loaner for 3 days when they were updating software on my m8. That thing is a pocket rocket. Love the junior pops coming out of the exhaust in sport plus

I tracked the M235i Grand Coupe at the UDE. I burned rubber on every turn. Man is that thing fast.

Honesty, it felt faster than the M340i that I also tracked . Couldn’t burn the tires on every turn on the 340i. I even got yelled by the BMW techs at the track as I ate up a few cones. I literally wanted to bend the chassis on that thing .

Alittle small for me but def a super fun car .

OP, keep hunting. If you can score 17% off pre and you like the car jump on it.

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Might just be short on inventory. Where are you that an Austin deal looks good? :grimacing:

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Low inventory, incompetent F&I person, or you pissed them off. Dealers choice!

I got the GM to give me a call and he said they used to do 4-5 out of state deals a year and had issues with title related stuff and it made it not worth the hassle anymore

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