Deal Check - 2021 Audi S5 SB P+ Seattle 98102


Hey everyone, pretty new to this forum. Looking to get a new 2021 S5 SB and have been working with a dealer here in town.

I know the cars are at a bit of a premium right now so I wanted to see what you guys think.

I couldnt quite get the calculator to show the same numbers, but I attached an image of the quote.

Left number is drive off and right number is monthly after taxes/fees.

Thanks for the advice!!

Did they give you a MF? You should get the base MF and check RV on Edmunds to be able to evaluate. You can also check what incentives are available for your zip code there.

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They said .00166 for the MF, edmunds has .00135.

Ill email back and see how much closer they can get.

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Fellow seattlite here. If you search around this forum you’ll learn that unfortunately dealers in WA don’t offer up much in pre incentive discount. Yours looks to be about 5.8% before the marked up mf (so effectively 4.8% off after the marked up mf, not great). I also understand S5s are not heavily discounted as it is (check the marketplace forum) bc of supply/demand and this being a new model so youve got quite a few things working against you.

Do not make a down payment on a lease. Do you know what all they have included in the drive off? Usually it’s 1st month pmt + tax title & license (with acq fee capitalized). Based on my revised calc it looks like they’re having you pay the above + acq fee up front with no down payment.

Here’s a few updates I made to your calc which gets you close (the selling price should be only msrp - pre incentive discount, moved rebate to taxed incentives, removed down payment, and updating to seattle tax rate).


I should also say check with brokers on here to see if they can beat this deal. Start by looking in the marketplace section.

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And cross shop an M340i.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I reached k it to a couple of the brokers but the ones the responded were all on the east coast sot he cost of shipping almost made it a wash.

I was also shopping for an X3 m40i but the local dealer doesn’t want to play ball. He said they are too in demand.

Thanks again for the tips, I’ll see how much more progress I can make!

Did you talk to @Samaudibh

I would target Cali dealers and see what numbers you get. It’s the closest competitive market to you and normally very good for Audi deals. As others have stated though the model and inventory levels are working against you. Let us know what you find.

run and get it . S5 Sb are going for list in CA


There were some great 2019 S5SB deals earlier this year due to trunk money from Audi… IDK if you can wait til next year to see if it comes back on the 2020s

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Given that it’s a 2021 model, I think the pre-incentive discount is about what I’d expect. This is slightly better than I was quoted for a 2021 SQ5 in California a couple weeks ago (not the same car, but close enough in profile - and the car I looked at had identical MSRP to this).

The question is do you really want the 2021 model, and do you really want it right now? If you want the 2021 model but you’re willing to wait until spring, you’ll get a better deal. If you’re OK with the 2020 model, you’ll get a FAR better deal.

But if you want this car and you want it now, I don’t know that you’ll find much better.

BTW - you’re getting taken for a ride in your region as far as MF is concerned. In CA right now, the base MF for an SQ5 is .00017. Nothing you can do about that, but it’s a consideration. I do think cross-shopping CA could be worth it just to get a couple competing quotes, but you’re unlikely to actually want to do an out of state DMV transaction at the end of the day.

Here’s the thing: I don’t think this deal is highway robbery, but YOU need to decide if you want to pay $800/mo. for a $66,000 car. By comparison, I just bought a 2021 SQ5 with an identical sticker price to your car, in California, and my payment before Audi Care came out to $597/mo. after taxes (and CA’s taxes aren’t low). $611/mo is my final payment after buying Audi Care.

So decide if $200/mo. more for the same sticker price is worth it to you to have this particular car, at this particular moment in the model year season, for the new 2021 model year version, is worth it to you.

Did you mean you leased a 2020 SQ5? Earlier in your post you said a 2021 price came out similar to his S5 so just wanted to clarify.

Yes, exactly. SQ5 stickered for $66k. Got similar offers on 2021 model and got a much better deal on 2020, payment just at 600 after taxes

Here’s what I achieved last week on a 2020 SQ5 with the exact same sticker price as this car, for reference — Signed: 2020 Audi SQ5 Premium Plus 36/10 lease - MSRP $65,405 - $546/mo. + tax (without MSDs) before AudiCare + $2600TTL

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You can’t compare the 2021 to the 2020. The 2021 is refreshed and a better car, better looking, for both the S5 and SQ5. Personally I’d pay more for the 2021.

Go back and re-read my first post. I literally said that exact thing. OP has to make a choice — sub 600 potentially per month for the 2020 model or 800 a month for the refreshed model. A personal choice, indeed. If money is no object and you don’t mind spending two hundred more a month for what is otherwise the same car, then absolutely go for it!

(If I was loaded, I would’ve bought the 2021 model instead — for sure.)

Didn’t the a5/s5 receive its facelift in 2020, not 2021? There’s probably the usual model year tweaking, but I wouldn’t expect any major changes

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This is right. Major refresh already happened. 2021 got some minor styling upgrades like the hexagon honeycomb grille, bigger MMI screen (which is also touchscreen)… they’re definitely nicer, but I’m not sure it’s worth an extra $200/mo. when the sticker price is identical. Thats why I think this is a really personal choice. If money is no object and this particular car feels worth $800/mo, I’d say go for it as the deal isn’t highway robbery. I personally went with the 2020 model because there weren’t enough differences, and lots of incentives, deeper discount on the 2020, etc.

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I did the same in picking up a 2020 SQ5. Savings worth it for me despite the refresh of the 2021 SQ. That’s said I don’t think their are many 2020 S5 SBs around. I think it’s pretty much 2021s. S4s are pretty much the same - difficult to find in mid Atlantic.

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