Signed: 2020 Audi SQ5 Premium Plus 36/10 lease - MSRP $65,405 - $546/mo. + tax (without MSDs) before AudiCare + $2600TTL

Thanks to everyone’s help here, I got what I think is a solid deal in Southern California on a 2020 Audi SQ5 Premium Plus. Really appreciate all the guidance from this forum.

2020 Audi SQ5 Premium Plus
MSRP $65,405
Discounted price $58,300 (10.9% off)
Audi incentives/lease cash $2750 (includes Season of Audi)
Final cap cost $55,550

Monthly payment: $546 + tax ($597/mo. after CA tax of 9.25%)

36/10 lease
MF .00042 (buy rate)
RV 57%
No MSDs (no desire on my part)
Drive offs only ($2598 - TTL/DMV/acquisition fee)
Southern California (I live in Northern California, so I left at 9am and picked up the car at 3p, got back home at 11p!)

Edit: Added Audi Care in finance - $999 set price, but it bumped RV to 58%, so the $999 product added $10/mo to my payment (which means it only costs me $360 over the life of the lease), they also comped a clear bra (which is standard practice at this dealership)



Awesome! Love the celebratory meal at in-n-out… mine’s usually McDonald’s :joy::rofl:


Very well done!

I’m assuming since yours is a 2020, dealership probably wanted to move it quickly?

I’m having a hard time to get dealerships around Los Angeles to budge on 8% discount on a 2021 Q7.


Congrats on the deal! and good looking car and color combo! Just an FYI, your effective monthly payment isn’t 546 since you paid your fees upfront. I would adjust your title and post to be more reflective of the deal.

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Congrats. Guess your dealership really didn’t want you to share location :wink:


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The deal is accurate in the sense that that’s my monthly payment (600 after tax, and 610 after Audi Care), and I did disclose that I paid tax tags title and acquisition up front - but there was no customer cash cap reduction, which is usually when people say you need to be more transparent. (I don’t see many people posting deals where they did a pure sign and drive, but yes, I could’ve increased the monthly at my option and rolled in my acquisition fee and DMV fees and taxes - you’re right!)

At least I laid out all the numbers - a lot of people post good deals and neglected to link the calculator or disclose that they did $2000 down payment or that the MF is inflated, lol. None of that here.

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Ha! My favorite username doppelgänger!

I blacked it out out of respect for them. If anyone is shopping for this car and wants to DM me for advice, they’re welcome to - but I figure better etiquette not to put the dealership on blast if they feel like they did a loser deal for them and don’t want dozens of phone calls suddenly expecting same.

At least that seems to be the etiquette on this site. :slight_smile:

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Everything is fine, I’d just say 546/m + tax and $2,598 (TTL)

Nonetheless, solid deal and enjoy the car. Looks slick!


That’s right - I waited until this time of year on purpose. Most dealerships were quoting me 4% off MSRP on the 2021 model. Between not feeling like I needed the new model year and feeling like that was a joke of a discount, the 2020 model year was a no brainer.

If you want a 2021, I would get them in April/may once they’ve had the new model year for a while.

A lot of the 2021s on dealer websites aren’t even at the dealership lot yet, so not much incentive for them to take a haircut to move the unit that isn’t taking up any space yet. That’s my thought at least.

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That makes sense - updated the title. Thanks for the feedback!

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Do you mind sharing the dealer wondering if they would do it again.

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Did well with this one, awesome deal!

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Wow that’s an awesome deal I might do the same exact deal, where was this at?

Gorgeous car OP. Congratulations on a beautiful car and a great deal to boot.

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A great deal + Cal Bears face mask + In-N-Out

= Best single post ever (I’m biased).


Roll on you bears


I have a deal on the table for 2021 Q7 45 premium plus. MSRP $59,100 and they are willing to do 8% off MSRP in addition to a $1500 incentive. From what you are saying, sounds like that’s a good deal? Maybe I should take it

A Q7 is going to have different RV, MF and incentives than a SQ5.

You should gather that information from Edmunds forums and then start a new thread

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is it good to pay taxes and fees upfront car lease???