Deal check- 2020 Gladiator 267/mo DAS-$1622$?!?

This deal looks good to me and just was wondering if I am missing something:

MSRP: 45660
Selling: 39660
Residual: 72
MF: .00115
Taxed Incentives: $2k Jeep & 1k dealer cash

$1,622 drive off and $267/mo.

US Bank. Would love your thoughts

Just realized that my calculator shows $1,000 lower purchase. Dealer originally went there but then backed off $1,000. I still think it is a good deal at the $267/mo but would love your feedback.


Seems too good to be true

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Prices came way down this month


Thanks! That is almost exactly what my deal is when you figure in tax but mine is 24 mo/12k. I guess it looks good.

And yours is higher MSRP

The deals on Gladiators are strong this month for sure

When they say “Standard money factor” on edmunds, what does that mean?

Based on the deal OP got I wouldnt bother with Edmunds info on Chrysler Capital numbers. Looks like your better off doing a US bank lease currently.

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Any ideas why they are pushing Gladiators so hard? I’d think sales are good - but maybe not?

93 new sitting for 90 days or more within just 25 miles of me.

Yet, Rodo has nothing even close to this deal. Kind of interesting.

What state are you getting this the of lease quote? That is a great deal for that vehicle. If you lease it I would like to see the paperwork so I can try and duplicate.

Standard MF is if you lease through Chrysler. US Bank and Ally have the best lease rates on Jeep right now.

They are not selling well at all. Someone told me “They are hideous looking but at that price, I would drive one.” LOL

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NP, will do. I’m in Illinois and I have found that the dealers are all over the place. Most are not willing to work on a deal like this but I asked this dealer to match what a friend of mine did on a Gladiator and they were willing to work with me. After I negotiated this one, I did hear back from another dealer (that is closer to me) and they said they will match the price but I don’t like to operate that way. I will drive the hour to the dealer that took the time to make the deal work.


These things have turned into dogs, they just aren’t moving well. I posted something in Off-ramp about this a few days back. Until they lower the RVs sub 300 Gladiator leases should be very doable.

Looked at this last Month. Standard Chrysler MF was 5.4% on Jeep website to build and Then run lease Payments. Higher rate at .0023 but the 24/10 residual was 79% on the gladiator sports. Some dealers were offering 22-23% and only the fees and taxes were running it back to not being below residual For total cap cost.

Was running Calcs that looked like $170/month for 24/12 with $1-2k down. These were for 37,500-39,500 MSRP.

Wonder what Chrysler numbers look like this month.

Man I am expecting someone one here to hack one of these for $267 with $0 drive off at the end of the month!


I think it is a fantastic looking vehicle, personally. Still haven’t driven one, though.

The problem is deciphering the convoluted Chrysler/3rd party programs, which requires a dealer willing to shoot straight since the 3rd party numbers aren’t easy to get.


I think its def possible. They are extremely ugly in stock form, but lift it with some bigger tires and they don’t look so bad. The Tacoma still dominates the mid-size truck market, so these just aren’t moving like Jeep thought they would.


Would it be a crime if I was replacing my 2019 Tacoma with a 2020 Gladiator because of the deal? :rofl: