DEAL AVAILABLE NY dealer stock unit black or white 2023 GC 4xe - 8.23% off - 24/10 , 520$/m with $520 DAS


Hello Everyone
Have the offer on the table and I am not sure if I can get anywhere more discounts or a better effective monthly payment.
sent emails and texts to 30 dealers on the east coast. It took me a total of about 8 hours of my time yesterday and today
Appreciate any feedback

Also, if needed can I extend the lease with Chrysler Capital?

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Is this for an order or an in stock

stock unit - need a ride by end of the month

@Anna77 what’s your zip code for looking up your incentives. For a 2023 this looks awesome!

$500 - clean rebate
$1000 - TDM

You could compare with broker offerings but I don’t think you will find much better. Make sure you have the Jeep website private offer if you don’t already. Also check if they are bumping the money factor at all but from a rough calc run it doesn’t look like they are.

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@Anna77 apologies for the tagging. I am no expert but that’s a hell of a deal. Maybe wait them out and try for 10% off MSRP?

Take the deal it’s great, can you share the dealer info. I reached out to 20 dealers in the past day and no one could get me an in stock I would offer you something in exchange

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Think you’ve found the bottom in your region as far as selling price (or ceiling for discount).

TDM is the obvious one for rebate and you already got it. I’d check with @harrydogyo too if he has any other suggestions.

As far as waiting until the end of the month, that’s anyone’s guess. Could they try to meet a quota and get more aggressive? Possibly. Also possible that they meet their quota between now & then and then get less aggressive.

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Bears get fed; pigs get slaughtered.

That’s a fantastic deal on a ‘23. Every comp post has been on leftover ‘22s.

Snag it and enjoy


I’d say this is a solid deal especially if it’s close to home. @DistrictCars has some in stock for 9% off but they’re 22s and a $399 fee in DC area and Mitch at Ourisman in the same area could probably beat it on.a 23 but you’re paying a marked up MF. How close is this dealer to you? If this is close to home I’d take it. Low dealer fees are going to be hard to beat assuming the $175 is correct.

You can extend but honestly at the end of this lease I’m guessing there will be more compelling PHEV options on the market and better battery tech where you might not want it. But we have one now and enjoy it.


This is a NY dealer with a $175 dealer fee, going outside of NY the dealer fee is up to $800 and I am losing a $500 NY clean rebate.
In the end, we need to look at effective monthly payment.


Between 175 doc fee and NY $500 it would be very hard to get something better than this, marginal savings of a slightly better deal is not worth the time in


I’ve been looking in the same region and I think this is about the best you can do unless you get like a demo or something.

Not sure if this is REAL
Got another offer after asking to beat the other dealer.
This quote does not include $1K of TDM
Does anyone know what the disadvantage is to go with Stellantis Bank?

Why the residual is 66%? This is what the dealer told me. Edmunds provides 65%. I am confused.

If you go with Stellantis you will not be able to buy out the vehicle or sell to a third party. I would absolutely go with Chrysler.


Thank You for this info. No one could tell me that from the dealership - at least those that I spoke with. LOL

Is this Tesla-style lease?

It would appear so. This thread has more detail if you want it. But for such a small difference it’s a no brainer.

New info so you’ll be able to educate the dealer.

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PS sign today if you can. Expect the weekend to be a madhouse with long waits.