DEAL AVAILABLE NY dealer stock unit black or white 2023 GC 4xe - 8.23% off - 24/10 , 520$/m with $520 DAS


You can buyout at lease end just no 3rd party or before lease end correct?

With Chrysler yes. On 4xes it’s a no with Stellantis

My paperwork says stelantis…

The finance guy told me. They were the same.

They are not the same. If you have Chrysler Capital at any time you can buy the lease out or sell it to any dealer you want.

If it’s Stellantis worst case you have zero options and best case you can only sell to a Jeep dealer with a large fee and not to other dealers,

If you don’t like the car with Stellantis Financial you’re stuck.

The dealer may not know that. But I would ask them to redo it with Chrysler Capital if I were you.

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Did not take it. It is available

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if anyone wants to be flexible during the life of the lease please push for Chrysler Capital lease. You can sell the car to any dealer You want.

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Mind sharing the contact info of the dealer? My parents would sign that deal today

This deal is taken
I will check if this can be replicated.
They are closed today

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Where is this dealer located? NY?

Check post #12

Sorry I’m still a n00b at this. Why’s the 12k rebate not taking into account on the lease? Is the bank not passing along the saving to lessee?

What makes you say that?

Correct me if Im wrong. Lease payment should be: (selling price - rebate - residual + tax)/24 and fees?

Your lease calculation is incorrect.

If someone finds a lease where the RV is subtracted from the cost of the lease, let me know. I’ll take it

Is this close to NyC/LI ?

By the water but on the northen side of NY