Custom order 2021 BMW X5 x40i

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Hey guys, working on an X5 new build. Got an offer for 11% off and base MF.

The deal on the surface is just as good as the broker deal (minus the broker fee which I was happy to pay last lease, but shipping and waiting for a car which I can avoid this time).

My question is how I go about placing and order- with a very clear agreed upon deal before hand (Discount, MF, no unwanted add ons, etc) and final pricing. I don’t want to place a deposit to then have a bait and switch when I’m ready to take delivery.

Thanks for the help.


Thanks max, I saw that thread before and reread it. Your posts are a great help.

My understanding is if I make a deposit, that’s generally nonrefundable. Am I wrong in that?

Not sure about other states, but in CA it’s 100% refundable. You’re not obligated to get the car if you don’t want it, and they’re required to refund it to you.

This is totally state and agreement dependent. Always be sure to clarify before leaving a deposit.

I am in the same situation - I got the quote signed by the manager. That said, it has no value. However, I know the Salesperson is honest, and his name was shared in some other forums.

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Thanks guys.

In email communication, we both agree to 11.1% discount and 0.00086 with deal sheet to follow before order (their doc fee is 599) and deposit of 2500.

He emails me to tell me that’s only fully refundable if our numbers don’t match up prior to taking delivery to what we agree on before deposit.

The reviews on this dealership are mixed on Yelp, 5 stars and great experiences, to maybe switch and bait practices.

Waiting on a deal sheet now- this deal will prob spill into February, want to take delivery after 4/1 to take advantage of bmw cca (6 months)

Did you agree to .00086 or to buy rate? There’s no reason to believe .00086 will be buy rate in April.

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Doc fee can’t be higher than $300 and $2500 is a crazy required deposit. Those two things alone I would have apprehension.

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Matt- in email, we talked base/buy rate and referred to January rate of 0.00086.

Regarding doc fees, I asked earlier what dealer and doc fees were and they threw out 599-650. I just looked at Illinois AG webpage confirming your statement that max doc fee is 303.60.

The deposit made me hesitate and made me dig deeper into some Yelp reviews.

Still not certain, dealer was straightforward but when someone says “I don’t play games” it makes me think they do play games.

So I’ll be certain with all details before I sign 2500 away.

What’s a reasonable deposit Jeremy for a custom order?

$500 have done $1k for custom order on a lower credit score.

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Just a heads-up - some folks have been seeing their X5 orders come in 3-4 weeks, as it comes from Greer, SC. Just depends on when the slot flips into production.

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Mine was ordered on Jan 4th; the production date announced yesterday - Greer SC.

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Reasonable deposit varies - Mine was $1000, but I know the salesperson will not play around since he has a presence on the forums. Another one quoted to be $2000.

Please make sure the quote clearly identifies the terms and there is no confusion. Moreover, have you had discussions about the MF if different when you take the order?

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$500 is more than reasonable and any reputable dealer will tell you that. I can guarantee you put down 2k and the dealer will find a way to work it into the deal somewhere or at least try too.

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That’s my fear, so now that January is over, production times are not that long, I’ll take my time.
Also have to wait for their detailed deal sheet with breakdown of all fees and add ons I have a feeling he would try to throw in.

My dealer told me he wants the order to be complete by the end of Feb; I have it in writing. If you really want to get in April, please get that in writing to honor the terms.

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Reopening as requested by @82sna

Car delivered weeks ago to dealer, took delivery this weekend.

Dealer was very good and we had agreed on everything on paper and they actually printed my email and were confirming those numbers. 11% off and buy rate MF, dealer fees were capped by state law, the dmv fee was high and negated a little of the 11% discount but overall I was happy with the final/overall numbers.

Unfortunately my app I submitted in February wasn’t submitted to BMWFS and therefore I could no longer get 36/12 program at 54% and 0.00086 feb programs and therefore had to use April programs of 53 and 0.00093 instead.

The dealer realized this when they were preparing paperwork and comparing to our agreement. When they called me up to the GSM office to finalize the numbers they had decided to eat the cost difference (over 1% additional discount) at the time they informed me. I did the math again and while they took a loss of $800, the new deal even with bigger discount cost me an extra $200 over the life of the lease (ie 5 bucks more a month) due to 7 point increase in MF.

I had superb communication and service from my salesman for the 2 months prior and realized this was an honest mistake that affected both of us and appreciated the dealer making the tough decision to eat the majority of the cost. I did not make a stink about the extra 200 dollars and once I confirmed the calculations with new numbers asked to proceed.

The dealership staff, sales and finance people were great and the small blip did not bother me although it kept me at the dealer a little longer than I expected. I would 100% do business here again and will likely send a gift to the CA to show appreciation and no hard feelings.

After I left the dealer with all the other numbers to crunch, I didn’t catch the fact that 4000 in MSD was only 5 even though the contract reflect max MSD (ie MF 0.00065). I called them to ask if I should turn around and correct it or if we could redo documents remotely if needed. They were busy and said they’d prob redo it Monday. (We will see).

Original deal:
74k, 11% off, 55% RV, MF 0.00086, final payment 832/mo, first payment DAS for 36/10 (55%) I only decide to do 12k miles a few days before closing.

Reworked Deal:
74k, 12.15% off, 53% RV, MF 0.00093 (w msd 0.00065), 3060 DAS + MSD for 36/12

Wife loves the car. The kids love it.