Costco gas, anyone?

The reason I can’t afford a $125K 911 is because I spend an extra $300 annually on gas at Chevron vs Costco, and another $500/year on car washes?

A luxury car is an indulgence…and, generally speaking, a depreciating asset.

No one has ever gotten rich leasing Porsches!

Allow me to introduce @ethanrs



You don’t even have a 911, but you have the preconceived notion that you would require a mobile detail company to wash the car. That kind of like counting your chickens before they hatch.

Costco sources their fuel from the top oil companies. I take the Lambo and M8 to Costco anytime it’s possible. Supply chains easily reveal that it’s the same thing at the end of the day. Not too hard to find out who they source for their “white label” products. Their “Grey Goose” is exactly the same as actual Grey Goose for example.


My father in law is a weights and measures inspector and he often tests all the gas station pumps in our city to make sure that they are distributing the right amount of fuel per price paid and also fuel quality. He told me that Costco has one of the highest fuel quality indicators throughout the year, he said that other gas stations sometimes dip in quality but Costco is very stable and high quality. He takes his Porsche 911 there all the time.


I live in Los Angeles and know a lot of people with expensive cars, and a lot of wealth.

No one I know drives a Porsche would doesn’t have a substantial 6 figure salary…minimum.

The reason you hire a mobile detail company is because time is most precious and valuable commodity for the wealthy…they don’t mind spending money to free up more of it. Or people have their cars washed at work…when people used to actually work in offices.

And I would never drive a 911, or any Porsche in this city…

A weights and measure city inspector with a Porsche? I am in the wrong line of work…


I was about to post the same thing…maybe he married into money, inherited it or bought some bitcoin back in 2010!

Or he bought a used older model.

In any case…if you’re the kind of person who actually thinks the brand of gasoline makes a difference, you probably have some $5000 water-cooled interconnect cables for your stereo system.

You must believe everything on the internet, or listen to Fox News:

There are dozen more articles like this from real news sources…

LMAO, he has been restoring cars on the side for as long as he remembers. He restores classic cars in his free time, huge profit but takes a long time. It is not a new Porsche, it’s a 2009.


My dude- you’re missing the point and taking so much offense for no good reason. My point is Costco outsources all its products- they don’t manufacture as they are a wholesale club.

Sorry for being mistaken about who makes their vodka. Does my point change if we find out another major liquor manufacturer makes it? No it doesn’t.

My original point is that you try and clown on people with high end cars going to Costco. It’s the same product as Shell, Chevron gas stations.

And no, I’m liberal, progressive- good assumption though. If you like fact checks so much maybe you should have fact checked your original comment on Costco gas vs the original.

…one thing is for sure, people who spend money at Chevron, and a high end retailer/car washes aren’t citing that low cost as a reason for not driving a performance car. :man_shrugging:t4:


Maybe your Costco’s are different than those in LA, but here the lines are massive UNLESS you go at the crack of dawn (and even then I’ve seen lines at the Marina location). Woodland Hills can be decent too…avoid Van Nuys!

My point is if you’re wealthy enough to drop $20K a year on your car lease payments, why are you wasting your time to save a few bucks at Costco?

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Article above doesn’t cite quality as a Top 5 reason not to use Costco gas. Personally it’s within 5 miles for me and usually stop by when it’s convenient; otherwise the $0.30/gallon I save on a 20 gallon tank isn’t compelling for the $6 savings.

Your original point was emphasizing quality though, not price. My response was focused on the fact quality is the same, so if it’s convenient and close by than why not.

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I wouldn’t mind being hooked up with a 2009 911 Porsche. :slight_smile: A 2009 Turbo 911 Cabriolet is still a 150k car I think…

I never said anything about the quality of Costco gas.

I think all major gas stations are about the same. Studies seem to concur.

My point was always about convenience and time. Most costco gas stations here in la are slightly hidden from the street. You need to drive in to get a good look at the line. Plus, with only one costco between Hollywood and Santa Monica, it’s hardly convenient for most of the population.

Anyways, using Ralph’s rewards with Amex blue is about 60 cents cheaper than costco. And shell stations are everywhere with no lines!

Why would you assume the wait at your local Costco is representative of the wait times at Costcos all over the US ? I have 4 Costcos within my typical travel area in the Philadelphia suburbs and have never waited more than 3 mins to get gas.


Doesn’t Coleman get your gas in your limousine?

Go 30 mins b/f closing. Not that much of a line. Esp since the gas station opens later than does the warehouse. And esp for those of us w/ our filler cap on the right. :slight_smile:

Make it a bang-bang w/ Magic Wand Car Wash on Lincoln. I’ve never seen high-end vehicles at the Marina Del Rey Costco, but I see some higher-end cars at Magic Wand (esp at dusk; all the anal people w/ dark colored higher-end cars come out then).

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Suburbs is why there is no wait. There are two Costco gas stations near me. One is in the immediate north suburb and anytime I go there, there is hardly a wait. The other is the only Costco in the north side of Chicago and apart from a few rare instances, you are waiting 15+ minutes in line. Same when I visit my parents or in-laws who live in suburbs in different states. Almost never a wait and if there is, it is 1 to 2 cars.

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And esp for those of us w/ our filler cap on the right.

I’ve never understood why some people only pick a lane based on their fuel cap side. Do they not realize that the Costco pumps have extensions to let you do it on either side?

It’s one of those small-time life hacks.