Continuing conversation on Trusted Hackrs nomination process

Imo there should be a change made here, there should be a distinction between moderators.

Pick a group of “global” mods/trusted hackrs and then just nominate new trusted hackrs.

I think brokers/industry folks should be able to be trusted hackrs but not mods.

You can even retain every current trusted hackr as a mod and then just nominate new trusted hackrs only.

I don’t normally agree with @Ursus but he is right, you have almost nobody left to nominate, either prune the current mods… because there are quite a few inactive mods or just differentiate between a trusted hackrs and mod.

Most every other forum has a way to tell who’s a veteran forum user i.e 500 post club, senior member, etc etc lh should adopt the same strategy imo.

This in itself deserves its own thread, vote, discussion, etc etc.


Trusted Hackrs really should be dealers/brokers/industry folks.


Considering every other post by you is either flat out false or completely nonsensical, that sounds like a terrible idea.


Wow, okay. Flat out false, hmmmm


I would say nominate only regular active users. I don’t think dealers/brokers should be mods. I don’t have a problem with it but it would just make more sense as LH is growing.

Now for nominations, I would say @Lazarus and @Splattered (Yes I tagged myself) :slight_smile:


I think whoever works for twitter or fb should qualify. After all, thats what being a mod is about here. Just block, end discussions, and act holier than thou. Yeah in the end it will be just brokers and customers looking for a deal. So that should be the deciding criteria in my opinion.

There is an inherent conflict of interest for an active dealer/broker to be a moderator


In order to avoid further derailing the thread I think a new topic should be started. So I’ll stop with this.

See my post where I reference moderators and trusted hackr title essentially being separated, it’s at least worth exploring in my opinion.

There is no one to nominate, really. Only brokers and their one-post potential customers left. :smirk:


I think he was referencing the suggestion of splitting mod duties from trusted hackr.

I.e a moderator is a mod

A trusted hackr is just that, someone who community members can rely on for info.

Not all trusted hackrs make for active and attentive mods

And similarly not all active and attentive mods are as knowledgeable as some of the inactive trusted hackrs.

Is it a nomenclature issue then?

I have a fundamental issue with labeling someone that is actively doing business here as a “trusted hacker”, in that there is a financial incentive to abuse that title. For someone new to the forum, if they see someone actively participating in industry marked as a “trusted hacked” vs as a business entity, the assumptions made about the validity of data may be different.

That’s not to say that I think anyone here is feeding false data or being misleading, but it certainly sets the stage for such a thing to happen.


I mean that’s my thought process, nomenclature wise.

You are 100% right, any vendor or somebody who is actively doing business on the forum should not be able to be a mod, no disagreements here… @jananth1

You are not wrong I can certainly see a newbie being taken advantage of.

My suggestion would be something like this below the members name.

Members name
(Trusted hackr)

Members name (for a regular member)
(Trusted hackr)

Maybe Trusted isn’t the right word here, could even change it to “seasoned hackr,” “veteran hackr,” etc etc

I just thought this would be a good topic of discussion, maybe a role differentiation is necessary, maybe pruning is necessary, etc etc

@littleviolette is it safe to assume the existing list of trusted hackers wish to continue as trusteds?

I am confused by your question. I suppose an existing trusted_hackr can decline a nomination if he/she no longer wants to be part of @trusted_hackrs?


Not sure if this is currently the case…but are trusteds assigned to specific sections of the forum? Or they all monitor the entire forum?

We are all other

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Just an idea…

Would it be a bad idea to assign trusteds to different sections of the forum?

It could possibly help with the load?

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I like to read everything that interests me and moderate in the process, so no.


I guess the question becomes what are you trying to highlight. Just a length of time being here? A flag to show level of participation in the forum?

I’ve always just seen the “Trusted hacker” title as a nomenclature for moderator.

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Well, I actually hate to agree with the guy, but “trusted” does not mean “moderator”.

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