Connect Auto Insurance (Costco)

Anyone have feedback on Connect Auto Insurance (through Costco)? I was surprised Costco would continue it stand by it with such horrible reviews online. Then again, people don’t tend to leave reviews as often when satisfied vs. unhappy.

I’m with Progressive now and my renewal rate is $849/6 months. State Farm was better around $800. Connect blew them away at $652, so I’m considering.

All others quoted higher.

Thank you!

Question 1: Could it be worse than Progressive?

@BPitch would be able to tell you more about that :blush:

I wasn’t trying to be sarcastic. :slight_smile: An enormous number of insurance claim horror stories share one thing in common.

I know, someone in my family got hit from behind, we had dashcam, they looked at it but didn’t take it into account. They said they can’t see the car that was behind him.

That they have Progressive?

I do think it’s worth some amt of extra $ to have an insurance company that handles claims well.

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I haven’t had any issue (besides the rate increasing), but also haven’t had to file a claim.

Most of the poor reviews for Connect seemed to be about billing, etc. So based off your comment, maybe it is best to just save the $200 over Progressive lol. Worst case I’m sure they’d take me back in 6 months!

That bad, huh?

No experience with them, but they are part of American Family group which owns a bunch of smaller insurance companies.

For what it’s worth, I work in insurance (commercial not personal) and from my experience many people will only take the time to post a review when they have a bad experience.

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As someone who has been in the insurance game for 8 years…i can absolutely assure you there is no particular company who is “worse” than others, unless you are talking about financial stability. For every horror story you read about online (since thats the only time people post things)…there are 5 stories about how that same company went above and beyond. I’ve heard countless clients sing Progressives praises when it came to major claims, sometimes it just depends on if you get a good adjuster or not.

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Also to answer your question, I would trust reputable companies such as Progressive or State Farm a million times over some knock off Costco insurance deal. If they were saving you $100+ a month and you absolutely needed the money? Maybe. But for essentially $20-30 a month? I’d advise against it.

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Connect is backed by American Family. It’s marketed by Costco.

American Family is actually quite large.

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Quite a few of our discord community has had Connect / Costco. Mostly good feedback but at least one negative.

I switched from Geico to Connect about 3 years ago, since the rates were much lower. The insurance was through Ameriprise then, which I believe was later acquired by American Family. We have not had any problems with American Family, but have not had any claims.

Ahhh got ya. I knew previous years they went through Ameriprise but i thought i remembered hearing that relationship ended. Thought they went out and backed their own insurance. AmFam is a solid company, i retract my previous statement!

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American Family acquired Ameriprise Auto and Home Insurance in October 2019.


I use them and they are definitely the cheapest in premiums. However they don’t have an agent so it is different.

I have gotten 2 accidents a while back when they were Ameriprise. They were pretty quick with the claims


My mother has Connect, (formerly Ameriprise) and we had a lengthy homeowners claim for a leaking Refrigerator supply line. We hired a public adjuster (in MA) which I highly recommend. They dragged their feet at first which resulted in some mold growth and the need to pull the hardwood floors up on most of the first floor, which ultimately cost them way more $ to settle the claim. They also had to move her out and put her up in an equivalent place during the height of the summer vacation season when rents are sky high. We went through 4 different claim reps, so each time they had to relearn the facts so it was painfully slow at times. I had to repeatedly remind them they were spending more on housing than the repairs themselves. In the end, they paid for everything, even dog walker 3X per day for 6 months.

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How can you be in any business for 8 years and not be able to discern any quality difference when you look across every player in the entire industry?

That level of ignorance would almost have to be willful.

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I had Progressive for a few years and I didn’t have any problems with them after my wife decided it was a good idea to sideswipe a pole in a parking lot.

I switched to Connect a few months ago since it was about half of what Progressive ($1250 vs $2300) was and every other insurer. No problems so far but I haven’t had an issue yet.

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There is no reason to be overdramatic.

For every Bob that had an awful experience with Company A, there is a Joe who had an amazing experience with that same company. You want to talk about quality then yes, we can look at financial stability…but you sitting here and specifically saying “Progressive is terrible” is your opinion and uneducated.

I have heard horror stories with just about every insurance company there is, just as I have heard some outstanding feedback for those same companies. That’s insurance for you.