Confused by id4 total down payment

First time potentially leasing. I thought I had worked a decent deal but the total down payment came our way higher than the $3573 I was promised. Is this normal??

Wow, is that $9k DAS? Am I reading that correctly? Yikes.

Can you expand on what you were promised? This sounds like the down amount as part of the advertised lease special. Is that where you’re pulling the number from?

If you agreed on a deal that was with $3573 DAS and the dealer handed you a contract that says $9k DAS then no, that is not normal. What did the dealer say when you asked?

Yes, apparently.

Total Amount paid by the end of the lease ~ 35k for a 44k vehicle … yikes.

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This is not what this deal is. The $35k includes the $9500 incentives.

Yes, I was told they were offering 3573 as the down payment when speaking to the sales person. When I got the breakdown from finance, they were asking for almost 9k. I get some of the taxes and fees but there is a few grand that I can’t seem to wrap my head around but I’ve only purchased and financed cars.

Yeah, still seems high but I’m new to this

Don’t forget the 9500 in rebates but I guess I pay tax on those rebates? I think that’s how they tried to explain away the 9k das

Yes, but regardless, that’s still a lot of money for a lease. The rebates are still not enough to cushion this blow.

Were you provided a break down? MSRP, Selling Price, Add-ons, etc?

$3k in taxes, $699 acquisition fee, first months, $427 in reg, etc adds up

They are charging you more like $4300 down rather than $3500 though

I am going to ask for it tomorrow. Roughly 3k doesn’t make sense, I can grasp some of the numbers. Free charging makes it more enticing but to your point 9k is crazy

No disagreement there

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Should I try to have any of those numbers reduced? I’ve got excellent credit, hesitant to buy based on tech improvements. I get a nice stipend from work but this is excessive.

I was going to get quotes from other vw dealers

First time leaser, can’t seem to get calculator on same page. What do you guys think of this?

How much of the 8975 cash due that is says did you pay from your pocket?

None yet. They are asking for all of it? So confused how it’s so high. Was promised like 6 with tax and state fees with down payment, not additional 6k

I mean effectively you’re at 665/mo with 1st mo only but if you do roll it in, it can get higher depending on MF