Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid 2020 for 20k + Tax ( Financed NOT leased)

I was in market to lease a SUV but ended up with a Minivan because of the deal. So here’s what I got

  • Chrysler Pacifica Minivan 2020 Limited with AST & S Package

  • MSRP - $49130

  • Dealer Discount - $5000

  • Chrylser Rebates - $10000

Net Price = $34130
Taxes & fees = $4000 Approx ( 8.75% )

  • Clean Vehicle Grant - $4500
  • I used my 0% APR credit card to put down $3000 on top

Financed the rest - $30630

Post rebates - $7500 Federal
CVRP - $3500
Bonus Drive - $250

Total Price
= 340130-7500-3500-250 = 19930 without taxes.

Missed Opportunity
I could’ve improved the deal by buying it in last week of December rather than 1st week but it was my mistake since I was super busy. So I’ll get the $7500 rebate next year instead of this year.

  • SMUD rebate is $599 which expired last year so missed that
  • Nearby dealers were offering $6000-$6500 discount instead of $5000 but they were not a Clean Vehicle Rebate Dealer. I could’ve convinced them to take it since I already was in 2021
  • I wanted moon roof but this one is without it

Reason I’ll be able to get Federal $7500 & clean vehicle rebate because my income will go high mid year so I’ll have that much liability. Basically $49130 car for $19930 which could’ve been $17281 ideally but still super happy with the deal . This deal is replicable if you’re able to find a co-signer with high / low income

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So for those that don’t qualify for the low income programs, add $4500 & $2500? Thus around $26900. Still a pretty solid price for a near $50k vehicle.

Great deal on this one. I was trying to convince my wife to do this for her business and take the 100% depreciation in one year on the business expenses but she doesn’t like minivans.

Amazing deal!!! Do you have the breakdown of the Chrysler incentives? I’m looking a the Chrysler website and it’s only showing $5750. Was $10k for dec only?

I see at least $8k that’s CA only @houbmw

Yes, could you please post the rebates. Isn’t the CVRP $1000 for this model now?

Yes. The additional $2500 is for those that qualify for low income limits. Same for the $4500 CVAP but different criteria/process.

Absolutely and calculating the 2 year old model on Carvana, I think it’s cheaper to buy a brand new than a used car

Frankly minivan was the last car we probably would have got since I started with Audi Q5 & then Volvo however this provided us everything we wanted - the looks . Very practical

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Here are the following

  • $5750 is shown on the website
    -$750 additional if you finance through Chrysler
  • $1500 clean car California
  • $1000 conquest
    -$1000 additional bonus from Chrysler ( happy to send the link if any one is interested)

This deal is replicable

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Not sure about California. You may lose the $1500 clean air but others should be applicable

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Yes . Wanted to second this.

Wives and minivans…see it a lot in these threads. The payback is the Camaro LT1 bandwagon.

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I would love a referal to the link for additonal $1000 off please. I will start the process tomorow of reaching out via email

Here’s the link to get the $1000 bonus

Also for any folks, who’re okay to pickup the car from California, I am happy to refer you to the dealer so you can get the exact same deal

CONGRATULATIONS! Rock Solid Deal! Enjoy!

I’ve reached out to the dealer to see if he can put together a deal for all of you so you just have to sign the paper. and go

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Amazing deal. I have a minivan. There would be more of them if people didn’t define themselves by their vehicles. They are excellent.

Everyone I know that took the plunge and went minivan loves it. It’s really difficult to get people to go for a minivan, but once you do, very few regret it.

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