Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid 2020 for 20k + Tax ( Financed NOT leased)

Isn’t the $7500 federal credit only for Plug in or all electric vehicles? I’m in CO trying to crunch the numbers.

It is a plug-in.

Electric cars get it for free but you’ve to check with each car

Yes but you do get the $7500 credit for sure

Great deal but in autobytel i cannot find 10k in rebates. Do you know what they are?

Check the post above .

Frankly it’s much bigger than I need but the practicality and the drive is unparalleled. Plus with hybrid it has cut down a lot on my fuel cost. If you’re willing to pick it up in Nor California, I can probably get the same deal for all of you. That’ll make it easy for all of you


You can share your sales persons name and contact info, I’m glad to reach out directly.

Please share the info please. Thanks!

Look at all the minivan lovers coming out of the woodwork!

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Just like the LT1 lovers lol. Jk…(honestly didn’t know LT1 version of camaro existed till I ran into one of the threads l)


I feel bad for this poor salesman/ dealership who is about to have a lot of unrealistic tire-kickers coming their way with unrealistic expectations

My inbox has been stormed. I think you can reach out to either of these dealerships

They all have the similar offers

No need until tax filing time to get the benefit of the Federal rebate; cut any withholdings or estimated taxes that you would otherwise pay and you will get the rebate much earlier.


This link no longer seems to work. Can you PM me with a new link? Thanks!!

We’ve truly come full circle from sports cars to minivans. This is a killer finance deal, OP! I fully expect to see some sweet minivans in the trophy garage next week. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


All the links worked! Please check your browser!

I agree and I think that’s the best way if you’re self employed

Frankly I never though I’l buy it too however man it’s really good to drive

the link that does not work for me is

I tried Brave, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, incognito chrome. then tried VPNing to a Californina server and still nothing. Page it gives me is: Chrysler Pacifica
So then I back out the /Home/Sorry and go to the home page to sign up, and it gives me an error page after putting in my info. I am ready to pull the trigger, but not getting this $1k has me stalling. Please help if you can!