Chevy Bolt EV lease check

620 is an awful credit score.

So is 621

[how much time do you have?]


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That’s how I read it, too, was surprised 15K was ‘standard’. But also amused 619 score is crappy, when 621 is ‘exceptional’. Thank you Fair Isaac.

Try Phillips Chevy in Frankfort. Based on previous chitown bolt discussions, they appear to be pretty straight shooters. They don’t have any ‘20s left, but are advertising $4k off ‘21 Premier. If you have Costco and conquest/loyalty, you should be in low to mid $200s for 36/10. Not nearly as good as some other deals posted here, but not terrible either.

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Seeing the below screenshot unfortunately it sounds like all people includding me missed the boat by waiting for “Incentives improvement” in April.

I ended up getting it from the Chevy in Bolingbrook.
For the price, while I’m sure I could of worked another $500 or so off the sales price, I can’t complain. It’s cheaper than my previous BMW leases that I would “hack” and get a great price.


They do have one of the largest inventories of Bolts in Chitown (as well as Bill Stasek - no, I’m not in any way related :joy:). I might reach out to them at the end of the month and see what happens.

Yeah…the loss of RV for the 2020s in April vs March hurt. But, based on the thoughts of others in this post, with the right dealer and structure, one might be able to approach the March numbers.

Part of our issue is no conquest or loyalty (our beloved HHR is a 2006). :grinning:. We can’t find a deal with a dealer contribution of more than about 10% off MSRP.

I am also in Chi town but unable to replicate these numbers with any dealer. I am in zip.code 60560.

Getting a premier 36/12.
1000 down, 335 a month, 10,500 rebates. (Costco, cash rebate, existinglease rebate) includes all taxes and fees.

Can anyone share their deal numbers or refer me for a similar deal with their sales person. That will be helpful. Thank you!

If you’re in Chicago, your taxes are double what they are on a deal anywhere else in IL.

edit…Wrong thread :slight_smile:

Premier or LT?

For example

MSRP 43945
Sales 39972

Incentives 7250 lease cash. 3000 Costco. 2000 region (that was factored already into the sales). 1500 conquest or loyalty. So 13750 in inventives

7% sales tax unless you are in cook country, which then i think it’s double.

Something like 2500 “down” (so about 2300ish for tax l, title and doc which is about 400ish, and acquisition 695 plus first month).

Should be about 180 or so per month.

A couple things to maximize the deal

  1. Be flexible on the color as 2020’s are getting tight
  2. Need all the incentives to get a smoking deal, I stacked 14K last month
  3. Find the most aged unit you can, my last month car was on the lot for ~240 days
  4. Be prepared to do alot of dealer education
  5. Don’t bother talking to a sales person, go right to the sales manager
  6. NEVER go to the dealership without all the details ironed out. Its like a casino; when you are there in person and trying to negotiate the “house” has the advantage.

If you do most/all of these 6 things you should be able to get a great deal



We signed a one pay today with Chevy Exchange in Lake Bluff. Easy deal, not the lowest $$$, but in our ballpark. We got a 2020 Premier.

I ended up getting the 2020 LT Kinetic Blue with comparable features to a Premier from the same dealership in March.

They would not go below $6950 for the car, they had more demand for that color than the others. For some reason they kept saying the supplier lease rebate of $500 will not apply because their selling price is lower than supplier pricing, others in the forum reported success in other states.

My 2012 VW Golf was pretty much done with constant repairs, so I was forced to go ahead by end of March. Another option was Holz Motors in Wisconsin for a 2020 Cajun Red Premier for $6450 but I had to pay title&registration fee at the DMV myself…

How much taxes did they charge you, I was charged more than 7% even though I am in Lake county and their finance manager could not figure out, he said it is that software that calculated it and that their auditor will look into it.

Sent you a message with the deal I got from Chevy Exchange in Lake Bluff. It’s from March though.

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Cook County where we live is 8.25%.

Our bottom line was the equivalent of $260/month on a One Pay.

I qualified for the Conquest rebate of an extra $1500, so I think your deal is great for a Premier in Cook with higher taxes.

I miss the leather seats, surround camera that I could have had with a Premier, should have done a little more research.

I miss the adaptive cruise control and power seats on the Bolt, no wonder they have to discount heavily. They are going to be introduced in the 2022 model. Also the tires are horrible in rain with no grip, so have to watch out in snow and rain.

We own a beloved 2006 HHR with every option available. Only disappointment in the Bolt is no sunroof. When we parked the new Bolt in the garage, we observed it to be wider than the HHR. :grinning: