SIGNED - 2020 Chevrolet Bolt LT - MSRP $40,185 - $6313 One Pay - 36/15k

Its done that way if one wants to capitalize all costs.

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Interesting. something regional maybe, or specific to your deal. Thanks for putting that up.

I am not sure where I will end up on my Bolt. I had my eye on a 2020 because it was going to be about $1250 cheaper than a 2021. However, based on this month numbers, it appears most of that savings have been eaten up by the drop in RV. I will have wait for my local sales person to work her magic, and see what kind of a deal I can get. :slightly_smiling_face:

These are fairly ideal conditions though, although there have been some trips I have gotten over 6!

It does this like clockwork for my commute each way

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To illustrate the above, I adjusted my original calc with the identical discount %, but with the April incentives and RV adjustment. This gets the one pay for April to $6571, or almost as good as last month. So finding a dealer who will waive the AF seems a wise approach currently.

As an aside not pertinent to my lease (as I needed the 36/15) if someone could live with a 36/10, they could probably approach a $5k one pay…Im looking at a 2nd Bolt (a Premier with a higher MSRP) and may do a 36/10 on it and it should easily be sub $6000.

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Anybody got a extra supplier share code? I’m buying a Bolt on Monday. I will love you forever haha

Those go quickly on this board, LOL

Figured it was worth a shot haha

It would go against the spirit of leasehackr sharing, but we could probably start an auction for some of these :slight_smile:

Hahaha that would be funny going once going twice sold!!!

Congrats Spock, nice ride!

Couldn’t get a dealer to honor the supplier code/health care code and any discount in combination for chevys in the past (Silverado, Camaro). One or the other they told me.

I know your dealer proved that wrong.

Do you have any advice on that?

I know others, like @Bostoncarconcierge had used it for is LT1 to get the full 3.3% drop ok msrp.

Congrats again, I was actually doing some research on 2020s as the total incentives with Costco for my area are 13750 + 500 rebate from the power company we use. With a premier, 12%discount would be around effectively 5000 one pay for 36/10, and that’s including waving acquisition. Not bad!!


Sorry for the slow reply…

Im honestly not sure why your dealer would not accept the GMS…this is simply a code they submit to GM for reimbursement. I dont believe it costs them a dime…

Yeah…I do think some great deals on 2020s are still possible at the right dealer. The fact that the RV got dumped by 3% doesnt help obviously, but (especially) for areas where the incentives are extra high, one could still craft a very attractive one pay. Ive stopped working on another one (as my daughter is refusing to drive one…says they are too ugly and shed rather walk!) :frowning:

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Definitely understand. When I picked my wife up on our first date, I had a yellow rental Chevy Aveo hatch.

So a few days ago I asked if I could get a Bolt (looks similar, and it’s a Chevy) to bring back memories. She laughed. I think she might divorce me if I come home with one, but can’t beat a 5k one pay in the Midwest!

My young kids think it’s cool too!

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I am working a similar deal in NC on a 2021 Premium, but I don’t have any of the loyalty or previous lease incentives, so just $9K w Costco. Dealer claims that MF discount for one-pay can only be applied to base MF and cannot offset MF increase for Aquition Waiver Fee. (i.e. he subtracts the One-Pay discount which is bottomed out at 0.00001, and then adds the Waiver to get to 0.0008. instead of adding the Waiver cost and then subtracting the One-pay) Is this just another negotiating tactic? Or is there a GM Finance policy that supports the dealer’s logic? Thanks.

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I am not 100% sure on this, but I messaged someone I am friendly with in finance at a Chevrolet dealership and he said this is possible…

Using a 2020 bolt premier as an example----

Base MF 0.00012
AF waiver +0.0075
One Pay -0.0073
Resulting MF 0.00014


Same explanation I have been given. See this thread below.

That looks pretty clear, the adjustment to 0.00001 has to be done first :frowning:


I’m getting 1.4 In one and 1.2 in the other. Sport mode is killing my stats