Chevy Bolt EV lease check

I’m looking at a Chevy Bolt EV lease given the incentives out there. Looking at a 2020 Prem one, I found a local dealer that has it MSRP $43,885 and sales price as $37,772. There is a note in the description that it includes $2000 - Chevrolet Bolt EV w/CBT Bonus Cash Program. Edmunds seems to say the lease cash is $7250, .00013 MF and 47% residual.
I should qualify for Costco $3000 plus the $1500 for lease conquest (BMW). Assuming that $2000 is some other incentive in the sales price, I would guess the real price is $39,772. If I take the other incentives ($7250+$3000+1500) for a total of $11,750 I’m getting around $226/month.
Does that seem right? Am I missing any incentives, offers, or calculating sales price? Does the $7250 include the DC fast charge incentive (I can’t find much online at all about it)?

Try to use buy GM web site. You should see all incentives beside Costco based for Your location and cars in houshold.

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Your deal looks pretty high compared to some recent deals posted. Might be better off on a 2021 with the higher residual. I’d seek out old stock 2020’s if any are around. Autobytel is a good resource for incentives too

I am looking for one as well this month. Deals do not seem to be as good when compared to March. Check autobytel for incentives by zip code. The Chevy website will also let you build one out, and shows incentives for lease. I believe proleaseconsulting linked that site.

Your discount is pretty weak @ a hair over $4000. Also, since you indicate you’re in IL, you don’t have to pay tax/fees upfront. Most Chevy dealers in IL play stupid games with their online pricing. They’ll advertise a very aggressive “dealer discount”, only to tell you - oh, that price is good only if you’re buying; if you’re leasing the price is $x.xx. They probably realize it’s tougher to push their lifetime oil & blinker fluid changes on an EV, for a low, low price of $1,999, when you’re leasing.

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I agree.

To update after I spoke with the a different dealer on a 2020 Bolt EV Premier (first one said he wont sell as there’s no money to be made):
MSRP $43,945
Sales $40,200
Incentives $13,750 ($7,250 lease cash, $3,000 Costco, $1,500 conquest, $2,000 of some other incentive).
$2500 down (covers most of the $1500ish tax, some $400ish in title, docs and EV fee in IL, and acquisition $695, plus first month).

36/10 lease would be $180 a month.
Not the most amazing, but not bad.

I did ask if I can waive the acquisition fee and also do a one pay lease, but they said either/or (which I think is wrong).

I have been unable to find a dealer willing to do both, waive the acquisition fee, and buy the rate down. Basically, they will let you buy the rate down with a one pay, THEN apply the acquisition waiver. If you do find a dealer willing to let you do both, let me know how you pulled it off! :slight_smile:

I’m finding the same issue here in Chicagoland. Most One Pay quotes that I’ve had are at the full MSRP. One dealer sent me a purchase quote that was excellent at $23K plus tax. Others who scored in March had better luck than us. Hard to find anyone under $10K One Pay for a Premier 2020 or 2021.

Don’t ask for a quote. Make an offer.

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Just read GMF’s Lease Policies and Guidelines, and no mention of either/or, just that ACQ fee can be waived:
A dealer will have to respond, as it may be one of those magic software boxes that cannot be selected simultaneously…

edi: if anyone has a more recent copy of the P&G’s, please link/post.

Huh! Reading through the policy doc it would seem the residual value is raised for 36/10 leases with exceptional FICOs. Is this really the case? Changes the numbers.

Well, that’s why I’d like to see an updated P&G doc…I was surprised the standard lease is 15K, and wonder if that still holds true, as most comparable brands are usually 10K standard.

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It is listed in your linked document.

Pricing adjustments may be required for single payment lease. Single payment adjustment is done prior to any additional MF adjustments. Rates may not be reduced below .00001 MF or .02% APR. See rate sheet for details.

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So it seems this statement is correct:
“Basically, they will let you buy the rate down with a one pay, THEN apply the acquisition waiver. If you do find a dealer willing to let you do both, let me know how you pulled it off! :slight_smile:
so long at the minimums aren’t exceeded.

I looked through the document, but am not seeing that. Where are you reading that?

See Jon’s response below. :point_down:

Good info! this is structured such that the AQ Waiver is done last, guaranteeing at least 2.49 or .00080 more added to the loan. I was working with @chevysalesgirl on a deal, and that is pretty much where we ended up on the whole one pay deal.

Assuming this is correct, there is really very little reason to get a one pay this month, as savings are about $200 over the life of a 36 month payment lease.

Heh, then I must have done something wrong with the calc…it’s showing a significant reduction toggling the ACQ Fee button.

Yeah, it’s sorta counter-intuitive…the discussion that 15K miles is standard, and 12K ‘low miles’ and 10K ‘ultra-low miles’, and the credit rating plays a role in the RV adjustments.

BTW, I’m having difficulty finding GMF ‘published residual values’, without a rabbit holing.

Looks correct to me. In your deal, it looks like you’ll save about ~$400 with a one pay?

I do not think the AQ waiver calculates correctly…

It just says you need a non-crappy FICO score (above 620) to be able to get the lower mileage lease. The RV adjustments are pretty standard compared to almost all other leasing companies.

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