ProLeaseConsulting- Serving NorthEast region

My name is Jan.
Helping community to bring great lease deals.
I will be more than happy to share my knowledge with anyone who needs help.
Contact options:

  1. TXT ONLY - 2123081582
  2. email:
  3. DM

In initial contact please provide the following info:

  1. Year, Model, Trim, desired color
  2. Zip Code where the car will be registered
    3… Lease terms ( 36 months/10, 12, 15k miles a year)
  3. Purchased, financed, Leased cars in Household
  4. Approx credit score**

Thank You

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I just wanted to give a big THANKS to Jan. I contacted him and he gave me a great bottom line quote. For cross-reference, I worked with several dealers and it was basically a nightmare. Cannot recommend going to Jan enough if You are in the market for a Hyundai.

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Thank You Derek for Your feedback and trust
It was a pleasure doing business with You.
Enjoy Your new ride in good health!!!

Thank you Jan for sharing this amazing deal on an Ioniq EV. I worked with a local dealer and even after spending hours there the number they gave was nowhere near to the price you were able to find. Thank you for your patience with my questions and for the thought you put in into making sure the car I was getting and the price I was paying was what I needed. You were able to make sure the pricing was structured based on what worked best for me in a simple way.

The entire time we were discussing the deal your replies were very prompt and you made sure that I was free to give you a call at any time if I needed to. I am very happy with the car and your service and I will highly recommend anyone to get in touch with you as I sure will for my next lease.

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Thank You for the great feedback Gautham!!!
Glad I was able to help.
Enjoy it in good health!!!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to put in a great word for Jan! He was so helpful and answered all of my questions and then some! He is very caring and so prompt with responding to your questions and concerns! I highly recommend working with him!

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Thank You very much!!!

Thanks Jan for this incredible deal on a new Bolt. You saved me thousands of dollars comparing with my local Long Island dealers.
IMO so far this is the best deal in NY.
Copy of the deal below.


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Thanks Rob. Enjoy Your new Bolt!!!

Jan is THE BEST. Helped us get a 2020 Kona EV Limited for $190 / month all-in with zero down with NJ. So responsive on the phone. Will absolutely be calling him again in the future.

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This was my first time leasing. I had been looking for a Bolt LT at local dealerships, but decided to contact Jan after seeing his offers in lease hackr. Jan got back to me as soon as I emailed him, responded quickly and clearly to all my questions. He negotiated a fantastic deal for a Bolt premier with all options for less than the local offers I’d been getting for a LT. Once I chose the car, Jan took care of everything, including delivering the car to my home. He made the whole leasing process so easy and painless. Thank you Jan!

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Enjoy Your new EV ride. Thanks again for Your business!!!

Thank You Meg!!!
It was a pleasure working with You and finally meet You :grinning:
Enjoy Your new Bolt.

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