Chevrolet Bonus Tag Leases

I’m in the same boat - I can’t get a good low price before incentives/rebates. Plus, I found that they don’t ask you all the rebate questions so make sure you ask all what they offer as different dealers have their own. For example, if Costco member, Chase employee, Amex card holder, etc. Whatever you are a member or cardholder, ask it can’t hurt you. It’s like pulling teeth I know. If you want to see if it is a bonus model, go to chevy’s main website, configure the vehicle and check the search results. You can filter by dealership but you should see an icon that says Chevy Bonus Tag. Click on the details and it will display the VIN number. If you see yours listed great! If not listed but you see a different vehicle that is that has the same features, etc see if it’s in stock. Copy the VIN number from Chevy’s website and paste it in the dealer website to get the stock number since it’ll be easier for them to check “the board” or system. Just my opinion…

@chevysalesgirl, If I was interested in the 2017 Cruze LT and the 2017 Trax LT, what would the one pay amount be for each?

This is assuming I qualify for competitive lease rebate. Zip code 92324. Tier 1 credit.

drop me a text 9097813640

Hey guys! I have ONE bonus tag trax for $109 per month including tax with $0 out of pocket for 10k for 24 months. text meeee before someone else sells it. 9097813640


competitive lease rebate on there! must have proof of current lease


+1 for this, Good deal for sure


I got my Cruze LT from Trish last night! She’s very transparent with the numbers, upfront and honest. Got to the dealership, knew what I was getting, signed the paperwork with exact numbers we had discussed prior to my arrival, and was on my way. Thanks Trish!


I came across this during my google search:

My trax is an LT. It’s $1000 more MSRP. Plus the flight to NJ :stuck_out_tongue:


@chevysalesgirl how much are you leasing a Volt LT for these days.

eh it varies. It’s like 300/month for 15k with $0 out of pocket. competitive rebate, MSRP varies, miles etc.

do you have any connections in CT? I know its a long shot but…

unfortunately not, i can just tell you how to set up the deal

that would be awesome… @chevysalesgirl

We just got a Traverse LS from Bridgewater Chevrolet in NJ. Paid $1500 on taxes and tags and payment is $200/24/12k. No nonsense. MSRP was a little more than 30k. Qualified for comp lease and teacher discount.

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just shoot me a message

What is the teacher discount? This is the first I’ve heard of it.

there’s an educator “discount” but all it means is selling at supplier pricing. most kickass deals are priced at net or below supplier


@chevysalesgirl Let me just say that you are an amazing asset on here and I wish that I lived in NorCal so I could lease from you, but alas I am in NJ. I’m pretty sure that I am going to lease next month, and I was wondering if you could tell me what the deadlines are to bonus tag a car.


thanks. i’m in socal though :stuck_out_tongue: orange county :slight_smile:
there’s not necessarily a deadline, every 5th and 15th-ish a dealership gets to reload which cars they want to put bonus tag on. so the dealership management chooses which vehicles to tag. it’s just up to a shopper to find the tagged vehicles. then it’s just first come first serve from there.