Chevrolet Bonus Tag Leases

If memory serves me correctly, the Camaro had the same residual for 36 months as 24 on some trim levels. May want to price that term.

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I looked at these a while back and it wasn’t this bad … it was around $385/mo for a $30k car but $478/mo is another level completely :frowning:

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The Chevy website has this Camaro offer:
Chevrolet National Lease Offers

Ultra Low-Mileage Lease for Qualified Lessees
$279/month for 39 months. $3,079 due at signing (after all offers).

$2,579 due at signing for Current Lessees of GM vehicles (after all offers)*.

Yeah Camaro’s lease better at 36 months. $0 down, $343 per month for 10k with current chevrolet lease or ownership. Total rebate $2000


Can someone please help me ? :confused
I’m trying really hard to get a Chevy trax at a good deal, I know the $3000 rebate is over but they replaced it with a $1500 which is still good. I don’t understand how people are getting those cars for $60 $70 and even $55 a month with 0 down?!! I’ve tried negotiating all of this with three dealers now and the lowest I’ve got is $213/month. I will attach a photo. Any help would be awesome I’m extremely new to this and I just need a car with a cheap lease.

Do you have a current lease? The rebate is wrong for one…

I have a current lease of a Toyota Camry! I live in New York by the way thanks so much for your help means the world to me

Ok rebates:

$1,500 CCR incremtal CCR
$900 CCR
$1,500 Comp Lease

$3,900 calculates

If you were to get another $2,000 discount, that would lower your 24 month payment by about $90 so you’d be at $160.
You need closer to a 10% discount from MSRP.

Also sales tax is adding about $42 per month to the 24 month lease, so that is also a factor. What state are you in and verify they tax the sale price and not the final payment.

whats your zip code in NY

Thanks so much guys! My zip code is 12065

Also a 15k per year is about $20 more per month than a 10k per year on the Trax.

In california we have an extra $1500 rebate. In NY, that extra rebate isn’t applicable. 197 per month with $0 out of pocket for 24 months at 15k is how I would quote you with a huge discount and all applicable rebates.

off of an MSRP 24290

Ah okay that seems like a better deal, I will have to see if they’ll work with me on that :confused:

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Is this a bonus tag vehicle? Maybe they tagged a different color vehicle where you can stack that 1,000 select model rebate. Did you ask about select market rebate? I’ve see advertised 750 or 1,000 on some NY dealer website. Check out their website, I did a quick search on your VIN and noticed dealer advertises an additional $300 by filling out a form on homepage (try to take advantage on that offer) . Also if in NY, there should be a NY Auto Show rebate for additional $500 off. Let us know how you do!

Hi! I’m not sure, I don’t even know exactly what a bonus tag vehicle is but I made sure to mention it (I tried to ask but he changed the subject) sorry if I’m annoying I’m just so new to this and really trying to get a hang of it. My other car broke down a few days ago so that’s why I’m in a bit of a hurry to find a good deal. I will try my best to see if all of these rebates apply but for some reason I seem to be getting the run around from these dealers :frowning: I feel like they don’t take me seriously because I’m a young girl or something, one guy literally rolled his eyes. Lol

that vin that’s on your worksheet is a bonus tag. I just did a vin search. Pretty much that whole workup is right. They just should be able to discount it more, but every dealership is different. You have to walk in with the mentality to do $195, $0 out of pocket, and you’ll buy it tonight. Then you’ll hear a tone change.

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If I did get these incentives as well, how much less would my monthly cost be? :slight_smile: thanks so much in advance

Thanks so much!!! You’re awesome I really appreciate all of your help, will let you know what I end up doing/what deal I end up getting! Fingers crossed

that includes competitive lease rebate