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I just can’t see them going the sedan route when everyone is buying crossovers though. Only two things would really make sense, a crossover/suv bigger than the Bolt, or a real performance car that can hang with the Teslas.


I too think it will be something bigger that the Bolt…probably an SUV.

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no spyshots online yet :frowning:

If you believe some people this is the mule. Blocked off grille openings hidden exhaust and silent as it drove.![GMC-Terrain-with-camouflaged-grille-March-2019-002|690x460](upload://x0bSuUfXtThvsPpFiy611ESRczV.jpeg)

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Wonder why they blocked the grille, makes it obvious that it’s not an ice engine.

Maybe for the purposes of testing cooling in the real world they had to? I’m not sure.

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i tried to dig through all my sites and I can’t find anything on the new EV they have coming :frowning:

Everything I’ve read sounds like a bigger Bolt, which makes sense given the current market conditions. An electric crossover with Equinox or Blazer dimensions should print money as long as the charging times and range are good.

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deal no longer available.

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for all you fellow river rats :heart_eyes:

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deal no longer available. hit the new car number :smile:

Any April surprise incentives/lease deals?

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Hi there,
For the Cruze LT is the deal valid for NJ ?
Is the total cost 24 time 135?

Did you notice that
A. It says 2017 Cruze
B. That post was last updated in 2017
C. Trish is in California?

The forum will not allow Trish to update her first post. It is not valid (common sense would say that considering it says 2017 Cruze).


be on it today. was getting some subprime desking training yesterday :nerd_face:

No didn’t pay attention.

AKA the opposite of leasehacking

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I looked at the Traverse incentives for the heck of it and I have never seen “select market” Conquest listed before. Also, this might be the saddest CCR I’ve ever seen listed. Granted there’s more offers, but where did this number come from?

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that 140 was on the previous months. it was like 140 + 750 + 1500.

lol that’s that bank-hacking. we take bankrupty, repo, ITIN, all spectrums of bad credit. just another avenue to get into onto of GM fleet, leases, and standard purchase :stuck_out_tongue: