Chevrolet Bonus Tag Leases

i’m sorry to hear that! a lot are coming back over mileage so i’d encourage people to check trade-in value as well to see if they’re even on equity.

We were $5k under :rofl: I’m going to beg and plead to GMF, as if that will make a difference…

Can someone from New Mexico, get the deals that you are posting? By providing legit California address?
And for so long, you have not posted anything about Cruze deals. Are they gone? :thinking:

personally, i will only register cars in CA. ive sold to those with vacation homes and previous bureau info in CA.
the equinox and trax have had better programs on lease than cruze. Chevrolet is really pushing the SUV/Electric/Truck market and just using large purchase rebates on Cruze ~8k off msrp.

-black bowties
-DC Fast Charge

needs current lease, needs any supplier. 7.75%
3k total DAS
288 incl tax on 10k

please disregard the image color.
i have this in white or nightfall gray with
-convenience pkg
-dual skyscrape sunroof

needs non-gm lease, needs any supplier. 7.75%, 24 month.
3k total DAS
155 incl tax on 10k

needs current lease, needs any supplier. 7.75%, 24 month.
3k total DAS
120 incl tax on 10k

needs current non-gm lease OR returning cruze/malibu/equinox lease, needs any supplier. 7.75%, 24 month.
3k total DAS
220 incl tax on 10k

max 3k payable by CC over the phone. delivery of car & contracts in socal LA/OC/IE no extra charge. all pricing includes all TTL.



With the 35k Tesla Model 3, we’re already seeing 10k discounts on the Bolt because honestly who would buy it versus a Tesla!!!

different market. 90% of my bolt sales are leases. when you compare 11k onepay -3500 rebates over 3 years net 7500 is $208 payment for the same range.

even a 40k car is a 550+ payment before interest and similar to current model 3, you still pay more for extra features.
a lot of people still shop payment payment budget.

Cadilac plans to take on the Tesla crowd.


As does every other OEM.
The EV space could get crowded. And it remains to be seen if anyone can actually make money.

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Because a Bolt lease is significantly cheaper than a Model 3 purchase. Not to mention, build quality is arguably better. Some people care about these things vs playing Atari on the ipad screen in the center of the car.

plus carpool stickers max out at 3 years now. so those you want to squeek in between 2022-2025 when the program is supposed to end, youll still need another purchase.

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Absolutely! A very few do care. The ratio is 5 to 1 in the Model 3 favor for this calendar year, sales wise…and with the Bolt under good discounts.

With the current discounts, the Bolt is almost half the cost…a pretty hard to refuse proposition if what you want is a simple reliable ev commuter.

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Regardless of sales ratios, the point was you can’t write it off.

it’s like the never-ending Benz vs Nissan fight. literally just different cars. both cars will get you point a to b.


deal no longer available.

If you go for the cash option, do you have the $10k in total discounts on msrp similarly to what Phil Is doing? I think that would be the biggest bang for the $.

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based on a 3.5% interest rate on 72, the finance charge through the life of the loan is $4,178.
the factory rebate on the first LT I posted is 4,206.

so all depends if someone plans to pay off early or they can find rates through their own means below 3.5% to be making an edge on the total cost.

for those with credit not above 700, that would probably be the biggest win since banks will hit them with 5%+ vs 1.5%

looks like something’s coming :smile:

The Jolt? Or that Electric SUV they’ve been testing in a GMC Terrain body lately?

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Or maybe the electrics on the new Vette have been giving them so much trouble that they decided to say screw it and make the whole thing electric now :joy::joy::joy:

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lol twisting the chassis on the mid-engine is no joke but the spy shots look rad.
most likely an all-electric sedan. the cruze and volt have extremely similar bodies so no surprise they canned both and are announcing a new EV.