Chevrolet Bonus Tag Leases

Got it, thanks

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there is a very specific rebate for current lessees of Cruze, Equinox, and Malibu that you MUST TERMINATE YOUR QUALIFYING CURRENT LEASE to qualify.

Yes, NON-GM conquest purchase cash is available. Not compatible with 0%.
Programs are super confusing this month, not everything stacks, not every scenario works, please get in touch with me for a quote.

Inventory - – check employer.


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all done with the numbers. For those ending their lease this month, looks like Colorado, Traverse, Tahoe, Suburban is the sweet spot as far as bang for you buck.

Stinks have to terminate. Should just be loyalty or competitor. They are limiting themselves. My wife’s lease ends in september but mine ended already.

Looks like GM is getting away from getting hosed at auction on lease turn ins. They have been heavily favoring incentives on purchases only for awhile now.

And no top offs on gm cards either this month?

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I don’t think anyone got top offs this year yet. Sad.

i’ll be here through Friday then off to the Mint 400 for 4 days.
Let me know if there’s any quotes I can assist with, I know the spreadsheet is confusing, but the programs are super complex.


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just got back in and will circle back to everyone. I do have Volt LT on the ground as our last batch we have in transit for the whole year.


pretty excited that on top of doing traditional leases, onepay, purchases - I know expanded into GM Fleet as well as a lot more subprime. Just wrapped up a 12 truck fleet that took a lot of my time away from here. this picture was part of the last 3. For those that buy over 5 cars in a calendar year, you can get a fleet account with extra factory warranty and rebate.


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LT w/ dcfc

zero down, zero das. needs current lease, needs supplier. 7.75% tax.
385 incl tax on 10k
395 incl tax on 12k
416 incl tax on 15k

onepay w/ supplier and current lease. 7.75%
11650 on 10k
12050 on 12k
12850 on 15k

PURCHASE - 29,500 + TTL. ~32700 OTD w/ 7.75

LT w/ DCFC, DC1&2, C&C

zero down, zero das. needs current lease, needs supplier. 7.75% tax.
405 incl tax on 10k
417 incl tax on 12k
440 incl tax on 15k

onepay w/ supplier and current lease. 7.75%
12350 on 10k
12780 on 12k
13600 on 15k

PURCHASE - 30700 + TTL. ~34050 OTD w/ 7.75

Premier fully loaded

zero down, zero das. needs current lease, needs supplier. 7.75% tax.
468 incl tax on 10k
480 incl tax on 12k
505 incl tax on 15k

onepay w/ supplier and current lease. 7.75%
14400 on 10k
14850 on 12k
15775 on 15k

PURCHASE - 33800 + TTL. ~37500 OTD w/ 7.75

leases need supplier. purchase’s need non-gm owner/lessee 99 & newer. - check employer


Hi Trish. Can you share your lease/purchase pricing on the Chevy Volts? Thanks!

i’m able to sell them at supplier pricing with a code. The selling price will vary by MSRP. in short, I only have a few left and not too much wiggle.

2019 Silverado 1500 RST 2WD LT lease

zero down, zero das. needs non-gm lease, needs supplier. 7.75% tax. 36m
430 incl tax on 10k
443 incl tax on 12k
470 incl tax on 15k

0% for 72 - 646 incl tax with $0 down or $10,000 off with traditional financing (its basically the same payment)

deal no longer available.

Are supplier and first responder stackable?

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first responder is not stackable with supplier.
nor educator, college, military, etc.

1 supplier discount per vehicle. most cars pays the highest amount with extra CCR available.

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Thank you!

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I see a dealer in my state advertising a low purchase price that includes $2000 for lease loyalty and around $1500 for lease conquest. I didn’t think these were stackable, but maybe they are for purchase?

i haven’t seen any car lease or buy that it’s stackable, but sometimes our websites throw every rebate on without being a disclaimer of what’s compatible.

FYI for those returning their leases this month. there isnt the 500 miles over waiver this month. the $500 damages still effective and waive of disposition if you get into a new Chevrolet. Again, no miles will be paid for loyalty.

Yeah this really sucks. My fiancée turned her truck in 2200 miles over. I expected we’d get a bill for $50 but it’s going to be $550. My fingers are crossed that they don’t notice…