Chevrolet Bonus Tag Leases


LS/LT trims are good leases. Premier is a little rough, but GM has been reducing residuals on top trim Premier models for a while now, so it’s to be expected.


deal no longer available.


deal no longer available.


Any chance you know any Chevy dealers in Eastern PA or surrounding areas? Looking for a 2019 Traverse RS Blackout 10k 3 year near Philadelphia, PA.


@mp11477 do you have the link to the page of brokers/dealers and their territories.


This one?


you the bestest! Thanks.

@Bmead03 this shows the regions/brands/brokers everyone covers on here.


Thank you!


@chevysalesgirl - are you doing out of state sales/leases?
i would appreciate if you can clarify on this - do dealers typically stack the employee discount with the discounts posted on their websites? Looking to purchase a chevy volt in Texas and everytime I mention that I’m a true GM employee with am employee discount certificate, I get a hesitation from the dealers that they will not be able to stack that with the discount posted on their website … what gives?
also, anything special with the autoshow vehicles?


i will never do out-of-state leases. purchases i might open the can of worms, but the tax situation is a clusterf so not sure on that yet either.

there are some programs not compatible with GM Employee including the current lease rebate. it depends on the car. here in CA we would typically stack it yes, as long as rebates are compatible. have to take care of the GM fam :smile:


deal no longer available.


deal no longer available.


@chevysalesgirl any of those Equinox LT deals in the forecast?


i have yet to post since that makes the deal aggressive but not everyone has an employer that qualifies so i can add the CCR.


deal no longer available.


Just to clarify, to get the $226 price on Equinox LS, you need buyer to have both non-GM lease and supplier discount?


yeah i have the discount tucked into the deal.


Just got a Bolt from @chevysalesgirl and she is very easy to work with. No BS, very honest and patient. Highly recommended. Thanks again!


How much for LA county for one pay 10k

Any color MSRP 40005. Includes dc fast charge, driver confidence 1 & 2, black bowties.

onepay. including all TTL. with any supplier, current lease any brand (+$500 no lease), tax 7.75%
12200 on 10k


LA tax, depending on the city is couple hundred $ higher. varies from 9% - 10.5%