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any traverse 3LT specials possible in a white with premium package ?


deal no longer available.


deal no longer available.


I belive the bolt and volt government incentives are being reduced starting tomorrow?


If they hit the threshold this month, which they probably have, I believe the phase out would start in Q3 after a 6 month wind down. Tesla would lose theirs Jan 1, as Q3 and Q4 were there wind down periods. I think that’s my recollection of what I’ve read here, but @jon knows for sure.


4 white and 3 black in stock on Equinox LS. not trading for other colors.

Happy New Years everyone!


The full federal rebate ($7500) is valid for the quarter the manufacturer hits 200k PLUS the next quarter. So if Chevy hit 200k this quarter (which I think they said they anticipate they will), then the full $7500 is still valid through next quarter. Then Q2/Q3 will be $3750. Tesla kinda manipulated it and held delivering their 200k car until the very beginning of Q3, so that’s why you could get the full rebate for Tesla’s through the end of Q4.


I am trying to reach you for 5 days Pls call or email Thanks Parin


sorry, been a wee bit extremely slammed.
anyone wanting to get a deal by today, please just come in, i have no time to respond to quote requests.
Employee pricing ends today. Costco holiday ends today.

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What time are you there till?


probably 9pm.


Everyone check your GM Card account online! My wife has $2,000 bonus earnings that can be added to her regular earnings! I got $1,000 bonus. Good through 2/28/19. If incentives pan out, could make for a HACKR worthy deal!!


sorry, can you please clarify which card are you referring to here?


GM Credit Card


Big goose egg for me.




I have been really hopeful that 2019 would bring me a gift from the GM card, but a goose egg for me too,


GM card bonus rebate is rolling out like last year as did the Costco renate last few months. Just keep in mind that last year the $3K competitor rebate started in March.


GM lease support for 2018 is now limited to:

Silverado 1500 Double Cab
Volt LT
Volt Premiere

Sierra 1500 Denali


@adamcar what card do you have? I have never gotten a top off offer since I switched cards to the buy power card.