Chevrolet Bonus Tag Leases


the onepay came in about 4850 on 10k.


on the qnox, loyalty is $500, non-gm is $1500. electrics is equal 500/500. other vehicles like the Colorado loyalty=competitive. traverse loyalty 1000 vs non-gm 1500.


What would be the monthly and one pay for the white equinox Lt Vin#3GNAXLEX0KS555069?



the MSRP is only like $150 higher so the onepay would reflect accordingly.


deal no longer available.


deal no longer available.


What do you mean Equinox deals got sandbagged till the 1st of January? Did they take incentives away or something? Thanks!


nooo. i use pretty hefty discounts on my cars. sometimes i get halted on deals. the rebates/deals run until jan 2nd. so i have to book/sell on the 1st and 2nd.


for anyone wanting an LS Equinox. I cannot move the units until January 1st and 2nd. we hit our number at the store for them. Costco and current incentives still available Jan 1&2. I will post up the deal NYE for the 1st and 2nd and I will be here both days. I have about 7 fresh units that dropped yesterday.



Bolt leases/one pay suck compared to just one year ago. 40% higher!


You snooze, you lose.


It isn’t Trish’s fault. Incentives, MF, and residual are much worse than they were last year.


rebate money down - GM.
rates up - economy.
RV no longer inflated - auction.

Tricia’s dealer discount since day 1 - same if not stronger at times. :woman_shrugging:t3:


Strong discount off MSRP is what we need :wink:


It’s also politics. Not all dealerships are the same even if they sell the same brand. Location, which bank the dealership uses and how busy they are all play a major role to your car price or lease terms.


Hi Trish,

Will 1-pay option still be available for LS Equinox? I am currently leasing my from Fair. Does that qualify the GM lease incentive? thanks.



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i’ll post the deal up sooner to the first.

for everyone trying to reach out for a quote, i’m super sorry and i’m slammed working multiple deals back to back to back. I’m here every day until Jan 3rd.

for me to do it quickly, I need-
stock number/VIN
currrent lease yes/no/what brand
costco yes/no
miles per year
down or onepay
term length wanted



Open Jan 1?


yes we’re open on the 1st