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Hey @chevysalesgirl. An off topic or rather off bolt question. I have to lease a sports car in next 60 days. It’s either F-type or Corvette. Doing my research on here and on other forums general notion I have gotten is that Corvettes don’t lease well. Is it still the case ? What should be my expectation for a 2LT with Z51 Performance Package for a 10K/year lease. Appreciate your help.


Not sure where to begin with that one. Best bet is to use employee pricing if you can and use US Bank or Ally bank on a lease on a 2018. 2019 is the only year model with GM lease support. So it depends what you’re looking for.


Got it thanks. Any idea on the numbers ? Just wanted to get an idea on what I can expect.


I worked up my Ceramic one in 2019 and with basic driveoffs was over $800/month.


Fancy… must be nice :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the info @chevysalesgirl Seems like corvettes is out of my budget. But lets see!!


you need to work the 2018 angle. i can’t help there unfortunately.


Will try to see what works. Hopefully with 2020 corvette getting a complete makeover maybe the 2019 will see more discounts coming in. Thanks again for all the info Tricia!!


can anyone browsing my site PLEASE PLEASE do not fill out those super floaty contact boxes. i’m getting a ton of duplicates trying to work my coworkers on pricing. Thanks!


Would lease loyalty be $1000 off versus $2500 for conquest? This seems like an amazing deal. Thanks!


What is the lowest purchase price for a white Premier Redline AWD 2019 Traverse?


what vehicle are you referring to?


depends on region. need more info on that one.


@chevysalesgirl - sent you a text mssg re the Equinox!


deal no longer available.


On the current lease, does one need a current lease or is one that ended in the last 30 days eligible?


Thanks for posting this! When you say slightly cheaper for the black one, how much cheaper is that? :slight_smile:


Equinox LT. Is Ioyalty 1000 and conquest 2500 on all Chevy vehicles or does it vary between them? You said requires current lease on the convenience and confidence version, is a GM lease (bolt) included? Thanks!


all current lessee rebate deals must have a DMV registration that is not expired and registered to new purchaser’s name, or in the same household.