Chevrolet Bonus Tag Leases


haha. I was a good boy and saved some money up. Was looking at either 1Lt or 3 LT traverse. Could you please let me know what would be the 1 pay for either 1 on 12k or 15K. Thanks


So extra miles over 15k/yr, up front, are 20 cents per mile. But extra miles are 25 cents if you go over your agreed lease milage.

Is that how it goes ?


that’s correct.


8K for 10k, 8400 12k, 8800 15k. 24m non-gm lease, holiday, 7.75%


I thought you said $363 for 15k. Woudnt $8800 1 pay be more expensive. I get its a shorter lease. But monthly its coming out to be a few dollars more ? Or am i reading something wrong.


different term length. wanting 36m onepay?


sure. Also could you please let me know what would 1 pay be for 3LT trim (36M)


So to beat this mileage thing to death…

If the RV drops 2% on a 24 month lease going from 10k to 15k miles per year, then my extra charge for those extra 10k miles is $40000 x .02 = $800.

That works out to just 8 cents per mile for extra miles between 10k and 15k per year.

That’s quite a difference 8 cents for 10 to 15k miles but 20 or 25 cents for 15 to 18k miles.


that’s correct. that’s why someone should never do a 11,000 or 13,000 mileage. the RV is set for those 3 tiers from the factory. anything past that 15k mark you just pre-pay.


Any good lease deal on the 2018 or 19 Camaro ss ?


deal no longer available.


deal no longer available.


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deal no longer available.