Chevrolet Bonus Tag Leases


Could then do the residuals and money factors for just the Cruze and Equinox




ls, lt or premier
2018 or 2019
24, 27, 36, or 48 month
what rebates do you qualify for…



lt 2019 and a 24 month lease

I don’t know I have leased Chevy cars before and I have gotten many rebates such as the Costco cash back but I don’t know what else I qualify for. How do I find out?


you can email me and i’ll break it down or refer to edmunds

@mp11477 @DangerousBri
is there a link?


Google “(Model Year) Chevy Equinox (Cruze) lease edmunds”

EX: 2018 Chevy Cruze Lease Edmunds. There’s a thread opened for every make/model/year

List term + miles + zip + trim + drivetrain (if applicable)

EX: Please list RV/MF for 36 months/15k for 12345 for AWD 1LT


i have a few hundred extra wiggle on any 2018 this month. theyre mainly purchases but i need to get these 18s off our lot.



Look at their offer as their opening bid. They may take a few weeks to come to their senses. Respond to their E-mails with your same offer.

I suspect they’ll come around.


I’m guessing you’re trying to use the $2500 GM lease loyalty rebate on the Trax? I was worried it was combinable with the employee pricing incentive, but that doesn’t seem like the case thankfully


All the following purchase incentives stacked on an 18 Trax:
$750 select market
$2,500 lease loyalty
$2,500 consumer cash
$1,000 GM down payment finance through GM
$500 Costco
$1,000 GM card points
$1,464 GM employee discount

Total incentives: $9,714 on a $23,xxx MSRP unit.


Damn… You just need a Buypower Top Off thrown in there and you’re practically getting the car for free.


Does lease loyalty stack on that 18 suburban ls costco lease price or is that as good as it gets?


Some dealers try to maximize every deal early in the month. They switch to volume dealer later in the month if the quota seems achievable.




this link is broken. It says the file is in your trash. logout of google and click on it to see the error.


erm not sure how to fix it though. i can see everyone sitting on it.


where it says programs needed i have lease loyalty


Working for me

It will be there.


I see that column but the values aren’t there