Chevrolet Bonus Tag Leases


no it does not. 18/19 lt premier nada.


What packages do those equinox have. Fwd or awd… Built an AWD 1LT with confidence and the convenience and all weather mats. Came to 32,100 roughly


fwd LT 2.0l w/ conf & convience and black bowties.
it depends if you want to do costco or employee deal…


Great any idea of the incentives that stack


oh yikes that’s a messy way to figure things out. it depends what deal you’re doing. there’s literally 3 different options for the deals.


Wow. That purchase deal on the Trax is sweet. A shame it’s not possible to get that on the East Coast. I’ll have to send some emails


I can’t access the link from your bio. It says the file is in your trash. Am I looking at the wrong place?


I had same issue. Open the doc in a new browser window. Worked for me


not sure. the link wasn’t previously canned.


Tried to buy a Trax today… my dealer would only come off sticker $200! Insulting! They want me to believe the employee pricing incentive is coming out of their pocket and not GM’s!


For some reason they don’t understand that in 3 weeks they will be begging you to make a deal. Why wait when they know this is December?


I’m not surprised. They gave me the same line back in 2008 when leases dried up. “Oh, your dealer discount is the employee price…we can’t discount further.”



Looking to lease at least two Chevy’s with in this month for the family.

If I can get some good deals I would like to pick two more up.

Can I get the residuals and money factors for this month of December for these cars:

And if you can then could you also tell me what are all the rebates for Chevys this month?


Ha, yeah they spun it like they were doing me a favor by going $200 lower than employee. I asked for 10% discount and would likely settle for 5%, but come on, a 0.85% discount, plus the $549 processing fee!!!


we can do that in-store. ill sit and go over everything with you.


lol what state are you in?



Am I wrong? I’ll gladly apologize if I am.


all i’m going to say is keep shopping :yum: i sell the same way every month, so my socal fam has it easy and the local dealers are jacks so you have to be aggressive off the gate. but even here in socal, norcal and even santa barbara sell way different then i do because norcal cost of living is higher and santa barbara is just far from other dealers. so. i’m not sure what the virginia equivalent of Orange/LA County is, but that’s probably where i’d look.


All this info is available on Edmunds. If you look on their forums you can find the answers or post and they will answer. This forum assumes you have done that already.



what they said ^^

but there’s two years of models, 3 trims, multiple packages, 4 options for term length, 9,000,000 rebates and not everything stacks with everything else. i posted the deals on my link in my bio to help some up cheapest to most expensive.