Chevrolet Bonus Tag Leases


thank you!! :blush:


Happy birthday @chevysalesgirl !


Yes! Happy Bday, Trish! @chevysalesgirl :rose:


thanks everyone :blush::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


who’s ready for employee pricing deals :slightly_smiling_face:


At first glance, purchase incentives on a Cruze are worse than last month, so let’s hope I am wrong. Hope you had a great birthday Trish! Vegas?


yeah based on what our specials are, its really good on purchase for sure. ill work up the lease deals tomorrow.
did the local stuff. six flags, trans-siberian orchestra, and a robby gordon offroad race. :slight_smile:


How is this “Employee price for all” working with the Costco program? It would seem the Costco supplier discount is meaningless now except for the $700 cash card, which I would guess is smaller than the extra discount the employee price provides.

Also, guessing this “Employee price for all” has no effect on leasing, purchase only incentive?


looks like on 2018 you can stack employee and costco. on 2019 it’s either costco or employee. not all 2019s have employee pricing.


how about the 2019 bolts - employee pricing applies to it?


negative. womp :frowning:
i’m working on putting everything on a sheet now… will take all day…


For 2018…Only for purchase or purchase and lease?


still working through it… put the link in my bio. i think both.


please anyone that is getting the link on my bio… use discretion. i stopped doing this because people would screen capture and come into my store with printouts they’d be trying to do a deal with my coworker not realizing it was my store… i don’t want to have to pull the link again.

looks like EVs stayed the same. Equinox you have a couple options there. Trying to get confirmation on cash card thing, i think you actually do still get it. That’s a work in progress. Huge purchase deals flying around on 18s. I’ll be tweaking that 18 Trax LT lease to see how low I can get it :stuck_out_tongue:

last month for Costco cash card andddddd go!



I would suggest pulling the link there’s a reason why @Cody_Carter has us PM him instead for link.


Mine is because of toyota ad policy. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Oh yea I remember that also. But still better than having people printing out sheets and going to other people. Good to have you both!


I definitely can see where she is coming from. My team hears leasehackr and runs :slight_smile:. I’m sure people use my sheet at other stores too…


right, we don’t have that at Chevy. @Alex hoping for the best!

lol @Cody_Carter that’s how it is with onepays here :rofl:


does Bolt have power liftgate in any trims?