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What does the 2200 das include?


Does the bolt one pay includes current lease discount or not? I don’t have current lease but 12k for 10k looks OK when factoring the CA rebate.
Do they come with DC charging at that price?


2200 is just paid to the dealer. you apply after the fact for and get costco cash card.


all of my Bolt EVs have dc fast charge. it includes all taxes, fees, license, etc. no current lease +$500.


Sorry, but what I meant was what is the breakdown of the 2200?


not sure what you’re asking. :face_with_monocle:


Acquisition fee, taxes on the rebate, registration DMV, tire disposal, I believe he wants to know what is included in that DAS…


Any volt deals in So Cal? 36 month or 24 month.



@jesuscookies what are thooooose. :face_with_monocle: it’s CVRP + Costco :woman_shrugging:

@Travelbugs if you want to see a complete breakdown of all fees, i only do it in-store. in my deal screen when I set up quotes, it’s in the back of it. it can vary by city/zip/rebates qualified for. but there is roughly 1100 towards driveoff and then the rest is cap cost reduction.


i have several Volts in stock. . shortest term length 36 months on EVs.


Looks like the Volt got the axe! No more produced after 03/2019 :pensive:


there’s has to be something good, cookin’. The Bolt EV came out of nowhere and exploded. Volt SUV? Running out of names… I still like the Jolt :rofl:


i got shut off on the equinox deals. only running Bolt EV / Volt deals, Silverados, and any 0% purchase deals.
i’ll be here through thurs. Off the weekend for my Bday :birthday:



Advance Birthday Wishes!


thank you :blush:


how much of the costco cash card do you get?


2018 GM Costco Auto Program Holiday Sales Event all info on Costco Cash Cards is here


Are you still doing deals on 2018 bolts ?


i’m out of the 2018 bolt ev and volt game.


How are leases looking on 2018 or 2019 Colorados?