Chevrolet Bonus Tag Leases


what trim ?


LT or Z71 - 4x4 either way.


deal no longer available.


You’re doing great things for people here.
I wonder why there’s cap cost reductions in your quotes here. LHers generally frown on down payments as they are lost if the car is totaled.


The DAS Trish quotes is all in, up front, most likely covering tags and doc with numbers that low. A lot of people here will recommend putting down inceptions if they aren’t terribly high so you don’t pay interest on them. Cash down cap cost reduction is a different story though.


She specifically said cap cost reduction


In that particular 2200 example it sounds like it’s really just a semantics game taking advantage of the CVRP rebate and essentially using it to cover the DAS, but I could be wrong.


cap reduction will always be a lesser payment. common misconception.
your payment is based on your “base payment” plus tax.

$100 base payment + tax is cheaper than $200 base payment plus tax.

i typically only do downs on cvrp/ costco cars because everyone asks for quotes with cvrp down as it is. i personally dont care what amount anyone does down from $0 to $10,000. my check is the same :slightly_smiling_face:


correct. when one does zero driveoff, it just means your driveoff is tied into the monthly payment.

selling price 20,000
1000 driveoff

selling price 21,000
zero driveoff


what about 2019 volts?


deal no longer available.


all my deals run until today since i’ll be gone for my bday tomorrow and all weekend. i can make arrangements to have cars/contracts delivered today/tomorrow. for new incentives, i’ll be back Monday, please email for Monday as i won’t respond to texts over the weekend. EV deals and 0% still in effect. Equinox deals stopped until December.

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deal no longer available.


Amazing that the Bolt lease one pay are now $4,000+ than just 12 months ago.


the bolt ev is 2k higher but its 2019 and costcos here.
the 2019 volt had updated screens and better regen breaking. :woman_shrugging:t3:


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What would the price be if this was a purchase?